[WOIN] WOIN Character Assistant, a character creation tool
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    [WOIN] WOIN Character Assistant, a character creation tool

    Hello everyone!

    I found WOIN (specifically N.E.W.) by chance whilst searching around for sci-fi RPGs. I'm glad I did, because it's really awesome! I know people have made spreadsheets to assist in character creation, but I was unable to find actual applications that aided in that function. So, bright-eyed and full of determination, I set out to tackle this project. Using Python and the awesome WOIN Rules Reference Document, I got to work.

    A few days ago, I finally finished the initial implementation of the WOIN Character Assistant. If you'd like to pull your own copy of the repo, head on over to the GitHub page! However, I now offer binaries so you don't have to worry about prerequisites. Check out the releases page for Windows and OSX zip files.

    "Cool, so what does it do?"
    Doing character creation by hand is feasible, but I wanted to speed things up by having something help me keep track of things at each step of the process. The tool shines when the user changes their mind at any point in the process. If you decide you want to change your character's race, one of their careers, or something else, the tool keeps track of all of the attribute changes associated with that.

    At the end, the objective is to give you an (hopefully) accurate snapshot of your character's race, skills, attributes, hook, trait, and exploits. You can save your character to a file and load it up later... and now you can export it to a (basic) HTML character sheet!

    • Create a character for O.L.D., N.O.W., or N.E.W. -- or any mix of the three
    • Keep track of attributes, skills, and exploits granted by each step of the creation process
    • Add equipment - general gear, weapons, and armor
    • Get a final skill, attribute, and exploit tally
    • Save your character for later or share with friends
    • Export to an HTML character sheet
    • Support for your own custom/homebrew skills, exploits, homeworlds, races, careers, and items

    Some notes:
    • It's not perfect. I know there's bound to be bugs and typos. Grabbing the plethora of information from the WRRD was a challenge and there has been several artifacts lingering from the way I parsed it. This is still a work in progress and I plan on fixing errors as I or other users find them.
    • Instructions may be unclear. The last few days I've spent several hours straight coding, eager to get the initial release done. I attempted to make things clear at each step of the process, but what makes sense to me may not be clear for another user. If something doesn't make sense, ask me! It's an opportunity to make improvements for all users.

    Please give it a whirl. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask away here. I encourage you to use the issue tracker for the project to report bugs, typos, errors, or provide suggestions.

    I hope this tool provides you as much help as it's given me and my friends!

    EDIT 1: I just added an update function! You will need to have git installed in order to take advantage of this.
    EDIT 2: Removed the bit about the text-based interface since we are now in the graphical interface age. Added the new requirement of wxPython as well.
    EDIT 3: I'm building binaries now, so you don't have to worry about prerequisites! Switched from wxPython to PyQt. I've also updated the features list.
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