The Sarmatian Bestiary
The Sarmatian Bestiary
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Game system(s): 7th Sea 2ed,
Line: 7th Sea 2ed,
Genre: Historical fantasy,

Sun 12 November 2017
Janek Sielicki,
PDF (56 pages)
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The Sarmatian Bestiary offers almost 20 new Rzplitan and Curonian monsters for 7th Sea 2ed game. They are based on actual creatures from Polish folk stories and myths: some scary, some funny, and each ready to make your adventures even more interesting, even if you are not playing 7th sea Ė after all, inspiration transcends game mechanics!
Playing a Rzplitan Hero, an Eisen-born monster hunter, or an Inquisitor? Players will find this module useful too!
The Sarmatian Bestiary offers:
- Almost 20 new Monsters, each with an accompanying illustration and description
- Plot hooks and example encounters for each entry
- New advantages, a background, and other game mechanics
- A new Dievas deal and an entry about two most famous Sarmatian dievai
- Art Gallery section, so you can safely show the images to your players
- Legends, myths, and lore!

Donít miss Disadvantages, a small but useful title, available on DTRPG! Heroes are even more awesome when they overcome their shortcomings!
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    5 out of 5 rating for The Sarmatian Bestiary

    So I collect Bestiaries and even though I don't play 7th Sea this one caught my eye. The book is really nicely put together, each monster is illustrated (b/w) but most importantly, it has a lot of interesting ideas. The monsters in "The Sarmatian Bestiary" are supposedly based on real Polish folk tales and this alone makes them immediately useful in, for example, my Cthulhu games. I bet anyone will find the ideas in this useful in practically any game. It's very light on game mechanics (I guess 7th Sea 2ed is made this way), so - another argument for its universality. I really recommend it!

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    5 out of 5 rating for The Sarmatian Bestiary

    Another wonderful work from Sielicki. Full review at Guild Master Gaming.
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