5E nightmare/horror themed interlude module?
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    nightmare/horror themed interlude module?

    I am looking for a nightmare/horror themed interlude for what is normally a heroic high fantasy campaign. I dont want to start a whole Ravenloft setting thing and am looking for a module where I can swap in a lot of monsters the players have never seen.

    Malifaux Neverborn and Warmachine Grymkin.

    Any ideas?

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    I have two suggestions, although they're both non-specific:

    1. Grab a chapter from Out of the Abyss.

    2. Search here: https://www.adventurelookup.com/adventures/

    Good luck!

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    What level is the party, and how many sessions do you want this to span?
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    I would be slotting this in some time after the first chapter in Rise of Tiamat so presume around 8th/9th level?
    I could introduce some of these nightmare creatures into the current line as a form of pre-staging.

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