Are you a Roll-Player or a Role-player?

Poll: What type of player are you?

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    Are you a Roll-Player or a Role-player?

    What type of player are you?

    Are you a roll-player who is bent on the rules and the results of rolling the dice?


    Are you a Role-player who could care less about the rules and enjoys the excitement of creating a personality for your character(s).

    EDIT: Opps, my bad. I forgot to add the other option I actually wanted to put in there. Which would be a mix of both. But since I can not edit the poll, select the one you prefer.
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    Woo-hoo! I rolled a 20! I critically decapitated the orc wizard!

    .... oh I'm sorry, were you engaging him in dialogue?

    In all seriousness. I'm a powergamer. I like to roll high and I'll use the rules to help me do it. That being said, if the DM overlooks a penalty that might apply to me, I'll draw his attention to it. Furthermore, I recognize that some of my fellow players like being involved in romances and witty banter. I won't ruin my fellow role-player's fun and I will do my best to role-play so that their fun may be increased ... just don't take away my critical hits!

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    I'm equally both. Really, I am! I despise gaming with no roleplaying, but I'm not a pure roleplayer; I enjoy using the rules. I like the rules to be transparent because I know them well enough I don't have to put too much thought into them, but I certainly want them consistently applied. Your poll is too binary. I suspect most people consider roll vs role as a spectrum, not absolutes. That said, I lean slightly towards role vs roll, so I picked that one. Somewhat reluctantly, though.
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    Like most people, I'm a mix.

    I run a fairly strict game rules-wise. I feel that the interaction of players, setting and rules creates the story; it's not dictated by myself.

    I will fudge things if I feel the game will otherwise be hurt. Normally, I won't.

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    like the others, i'm someone who "enjoys the excitement of creating a personality for your character(s)" and cares strongly about the rules.

    i hate rules-light systems.

    in Robin Laws' breakdown of player-types, i'm a "buttkicker." i tend to play combat-intensive characters and i get enjoyment out of showing how much butt my character can kick every session. however, i am also very into the role-playing side of it, exploring questions like why my character feels that way and how his behavior impacts the world around him (and vice versa).

    that being said, i've also greatly enjoyed campaigns where i played characters with no combat skill at all, where we'd have a combat encounter once every 5 or 6 sessions. however, after an extended campaign of that kind of gaming, i need to return to some buttkicking.

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    My answer is:
    Unfortunately, that's not an option on your poll, so I didn't vote.


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    I too like a mix. The rules give a canvas which you then paint your character. Role play is very important to me. I want things to make sense I want to feel as if my PC is a real person not just a bunch of stats on paper.

    As much as I like role play I like combat too. As long as the action flows and does not come to a grinding halt while the rules lawyers argue every little thing with the DM. Or they take forever to roll the dice.

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    Definitely a mix. With cetainty. Really. I think. Actually, I'm not sure.

    No, wait, yeah, a mix.

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    I'm probably 60% roll-player / 40% role-player. Some nights I'm more 80%-role, but for the most part I like the rules & strategy a bit more than the role-playing.

    If I wanted to do heavy rp all the time, I'd play Amber or World of Darkness.

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    I'm split about 50/50.. I like to have well designed and functional rules, but I need a character (not a mere collection of numbers) to work with in the rules. So I guess I get filed away as another " not voting because there isn't an option for being both."

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