Characters from [AU] Siege on Ebonring Keep
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    Characters from [AU] Siege on Ebonring Keep

    Thread reserved for posting PC characters from the Siege on Ebonring Keep PbP game.

    I'm not too picky about how characters are posted as long as they're clean and easy to find pertinent information.
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    Male Litorian Oathsworn 1; Size M; HD 1d8+2; hp 10; Dying/Dead -2/-15; Init +3 (+3 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 (+3 Dex, +1 Oathsworn); Atk +1 unarmed strike (1d6+1/x2) or –1/-1 flurry of blows (1d6+1/1d6+1) or +3 ranged; SA flurry of blows; SQ low-light vision; SV Fort +4 (+2 Con), Ref +5 (+3 Dex), Will +1 (-1 Wis); Str 12, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 8. Height 6 ft. 6 in., Weight 170 lbs., 25 years old.

    Skills, Languages, and Feats
    (20 skill points, 1 bonus language, 1 ceremonial feat, 1 feat/talent)
    Balance +7 (4 ranks, +3 Dex), Climb +3 (2 ranks, +1 Str), Heal +3 (4 ranks, -1 Wis), Intuit Direction +1 (2 ranks, -1 Wis), Listen +3 (2 ranks, +2 Litorian, -1 Wis), Sneak +5 (2 ranks, +3 Dex), Tumble +7 (4 ranks, +3 Dex); Litorian, Common, Giant; Intuitive Sense, Combat Reflexes.

    Litorian Abilities
    Low-light vision; +2 on Intimidate, Search, Spot, Listen, and Wilderness Survival checks.

    Oathsworn Abilities
    Unarmed strike (1d6), flurry of blows (extra attack at highest BAB, both attacks suffer –2 penalty), swear an oath (keep Pyior alive).

    Adventurer's outfit (sandals, breeches, loose fitting shirt), backpack (5 sunrods, healer's kit, 2 bottles wine, hunk of cheese, hunting knife, waterskin, 2 vials antitoxin), belt pouch (10 gp).

    Truename: Lame Deer Waiting, known only to Pyior.

    History and Personality
    Khajom originally comes from the Central Plains. Young and reckless, he spent most of his time out hunting down rhodin. During one of these hunts, Khajom was gravely wounded and was rescued because of the actions of a passing loresong faen. The litorian has since sworn to protect and defend Pyior against any sort of harm. Although still reckless at times, Khajom's oath has made him somewhat serene and placid. It gives him purpose and fills his days, which is enough for him at the moment.

    Added Truename, changed name. (8-17-03)
    Changed name back, posted a rudimentary history and personality. (8-18-03)
    Added Dying/Dead to stat block. (8-19-03)
    Edited Edits. (8-20-03)
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    Dayan Sonor
    Human Mind Witch 1
    Truename: Traynth

    Str 11
    Dex 12
    Con 14
    Int 10
    Wis 16
    Cha 8

    HP: 8
    BAB: 0
    Melee AB: 0
    Ranged AB: 1
    Init: +1

    Fort Save: 2
    Ref Save: 1
    Will Save: 5

    Class Abilities:
    Half Duration on Mind Influencing Effects
    Mind Blade

    Energy Mage: Fire
    Fleet of Foot (Talent)
    Modify Spell

    Languages: Common

    Skills: (rank + ability + misc)
    Concentration 6 (4+2+0)
    Knowledge Magic 4 (4+0+0)
    Sense Motive 7 (4+3+0)
    Spellcraft 4 (4+0+0)

    Mind Blade AB 0 1d6 + 1 Subdual Touch Attack

    Traveler’s Outfit 5lb
    Backpack 2lb
    Bedroll 5lb
    Waterskin 4lb
    Witch Bag 3lb
    4 Trail Rations 4lb
    4 Red Gems

    109 gp 9sp

    Lvl 0 Spells
    Spell Slots 3
    Readied Spells 3
    Detect Magic
    Lesser Glowglobe

    Lvl 1 Spells
    Spell Slots 1
    Readied Spells 1
    Mind Stab

    Dayan grew up in a small farming community, the son of a former adventurer. His father, Gregor, was a witch, a mind witch to be exact. As Dayan matured, Gregor introduced him to witchery, and taught him the intricacies of manifestation. Gregor also passed on his own haughty views of those that did not possess the power of witchery to his son. Eventually, Dayan reached the zenith of his abilities under his father. Dayan decided that he would assume his father’s role of adventurer. Thus, he struck out on his own and headed to Lothis, a city rumored to be full of opportunity.

    Dayan’s hair is straight and jet black and rides atop a face that carries a tinge of noble blood. Striking blue eyes that many say “pierce into your soul.” Standing 6’4”, Dayan strikes an imposing figure, despite his thin stature. He holds a condescending viewpoint of non-magic users and those that require external sources to be effective.
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    Pyior Silverleaf
    Male Loresong Faen Magister 2; Size S; HD 2d6+4; hp 14; Dying/Dead -3/-14; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Spd 20 ft.; AC 13 (+1 Small, +2 Dex); Atk +1 melee (1d6-1/x2, Faen staff) or +4 ranged (1d4-1, dart); SQ low-light vision; SV Fort +2 (+2 Con), Ref +2 (+2 Dex), Will +2 (-1 Wis); Str 9, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 8, Cha 8. Height 3 ft. 7 in., Weight 50 lbs., 82 years old.

    Skills, Languages, and Feats
    (30 skill points, 1 general feat, 1 talent)
    Sneak +8 (+4 size, +2 dex, +2 racial), Spellcraft +11(5 ranks, +4 int, +2 racial), Search +9(5 ranks, +4 int), Concentration +7(5 ranks, +2 con), Knowledge: Ceremony +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: Cosmology +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: Dangerous Beasts +10(5 ranks, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: Geography +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: History +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: Magic +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: Nature +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: Religion +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: Runes +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat), Knowledge: Science +6(1 rank, +4 int, +1 feat); Languages: Common, Faen, Giant, Sylvan, Draconic, Infernal, Rhodin; Modify Spell, Eidetic Memory.

    Loresong Faen Abilities
    Low-light vision
    +2 on Sneak and Spellcraft checks
    Innate spell-like abilities 1/day: detect magic, ghost sound, lesser glowglobe

    Magister Abilities
    Magister's Staff (hardness 12, 52 hit points, break DC 30)
    Spellcasting, Slots: (5/3; base DC = 14 + spell level):0-canny effort, detect creature, door warning, disorient, telekinesis (lesser), appropriate size, touch of nausea; 1st- conjure energy creature, fireburst, mind stab, transfer wounds (lesser)

    Scholar's Outfit (robe, belt, cap, soft shoes, cloak), Magister's staff, 4 darts, Backpack, Bedroll, Fekart's Fabulous Beastiary (Book, Knowledge: Dangerous Creatures +2), Ancient Arcana of the Dramohj (Book, Knowledge: Magic +2), Ink, Inkpen, ten candles, flint and steel, sack, 25 pieces of paper (scribbled notes on beastiary and arcana, journal), scroll case, five sheets of parchment, waterskin, Iriana Truthspeaker's maps of the Ebonring Keep, Of the Rhodin Beastmen by Thisten Gladdol (Book)

    Truename: Javondarioranam'anderiel, known to Khajom and Ceini Nevershimmer (Pyior's former instructor in the way of the staff)

    Pyior's latest project is a beastiary. He tells anyone who will listen about his grandiose plans for it to be a seminal work complete with popup programmed, permanent, anatomically-accurate illusions. (To be updated further)

    Change Log
    2004.06.16: Updated prepared spells
    2004.05.23: Deleted two days of trail rations from inventory
    2004.02.24: Updated to 2nd level, added Of the Rhodin Beastmen to inventory
    2004.01.09: Added Iriana Truthspeaker's maps to inventory
    2003.10.17: Updated readied spells.
    2003.09.07: Updated abilities, feats, skills to focus character more clearly on concept. Updated weight due according to AU errata. Finalized languages and equipment.
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    Sibeccai Warmain

    Pirythanis the Steadfast

    Male Sibeccai Warmain 1: HD 1d12+6; hp 18 (Unconscious at -3, dead at -16); Init +1 (+1 Dex); Spd 40ft; AC 16 (+4 Chain Shirt + 1 Round Small Shield +1 Dex), AC 17 vs. Swords (Natural Swordsman, +1 Dodge bonus); Melee longsword, +3 (1d8+3/crit 19-20/x2); Ranged +2 shortbow (1d6/crit 20/x3); Hero Points 0; SV Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +0; Stats: Str 15, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 8. XP = 0.

    Skills (total/ranks): Handle Animal (5/4), Knowledge (History) (2/2), Ride (3/2).

    Languages: Common, Giant.

    Feats: Fleet of Foot (Ceremonial, Level 1), Natural Swordsman (Talent, Level 1), Sturdy (Warmain bonus, Wrm level 1).

    Sibeccai Features:
    (No Racial Levels)

    Size Medium.
    Base Speed 30 ft.
    +2 Con, -2 Int.
    Low-Light Vision.
    Bonus to Skills: +2 to Gather Information, Handle Animal, Innuendo and Sneak.

    Class Features:

    Simple Weapons Proficiency.
    Martial Weapons Proficiency.
    Heavy/Medium/Light Armor Proficiency.
    Shield Proficiency.
    Wrm1: Sturdy.

    Possessions: Longsword, chain shirt, short sword, light hammer, shortbow, arrows (20), round small shield, bedroll, flint and steel, trail rations (10 days), torches (2), whetstone, backpack, waterskin, adventurer's outfit, coins.

    Coin: 24 GP, 8 SP, 6 CP.

    Capacity: 66 lbs./133 lbs./200 lbs.
    Current Load: 65 lbs.

    Description: 6'2", 210 lbs. Age 15. Reddish brown hair. Gray eyes. Truename known only to himself.

    History: Pirythanis grew up in awe of the armor-plated giants that protected his hometown of Mi-Theron. When he was old enough, he enrolled at a local martial academy to learn the Way of the Sword. He proved to be an excellent pupil, and quickly completed basic training at the academy. He is now looking for practical experience with which to hone his skills.

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    The Giant awakes...

    Character Name : Ys-Baddaden
    Truename : ??
    Character Race : Giant
    Character Class : Giant 1/Greenbond 1

    Gender : Male
    Age : 20
    Height : 8'9"
    Weight : 525lbs
    Type : Giant
    Size : Medium
    Eyes : Green
    Hair : Red
    Skin : Bronze

    Character Level : 2
    EXP Points Gained : 1400
    EXP Needed For Next Level : 3301

    Known Languages : Giant, Common


    Strength : 18 (+4)
    Dexterity : 10 (0)
    Constitution : 12 (+1)
    Intelligence : 10 (0)
    Wisdom : 14 (+2)
    Charisma : 10 (0)


    Armor Class : 16

    Flatfooted Armor Class : 16
    Touch Armor Class : 10

    Special Armor Class Notes :


    Hit Points : 16 [Fast Healer]
    Dying : -2 to -12
    Dead : -13


    Save vs. Fortitude : +3
    Save vs. Reflex : +0
    Save vs. Will : +4

    Special Save Notes :


    Initiative Modifier : +4

    Base Attack Bonus : +0

    Melee Attack Bonus : +4

    Ranged Attack Bonus : +0

    Special Combat Notes :


    Weapons :
    Morningstar [1d8/x2]
    Heavy Crossbow [1d10/19-20x2/120ft]


    Skills :

    Name/Total Mod (Ability) # Ranks taken

    * Climb/+6 (Str) 2 ranks
    Craft/+3 (Int) 1 rank [+2 Giant]
    Diplomacy/+4 (Cha) 2 ranks [+2 Giant]
    Heal/+4 (Wis) 2 ranks
    * Jump/+5 (Str) 1 rank
    Sense Motive/+6 (Wis) 2 ranks [+2 Giant]

    * Armor Check Penalty Applies


    Feats :
    Fast Healer [Talent]
    Improved Initiative [General]
    Light Armor Proficiency [Giant, Greenbond]
    Simple Weapon Proficiency [Giant, Greenbond]


    Racial and Class Skills, Abilities & Features :
    Giant Racial Traits: +3 Str, +1 Wis, -2 Dex / +2 Craft, Diplomacy, Sense Motive
    Nature Sense (identify plants, animals and safe water)
    Infuse with Life (1d8+1 - 2/day)


    Equipment & Gear :
    Heavy Crossbow / 10 bolts
    Chain Shirt
    Large Steel Shield
    Winter Blanket
    2 Candles
    Flask (empty)
    1 week's rations
    Sack (empty)
    Sewing needle
    Signal Whistle
    4 Torches
    Explorer's Outfit


    Money : ___PP ___GP 3SP ___CP


    Base Speed : 30

    Normal Speed : 30

    AC Check Penalty : -4

    Maximum DEX Bonus : +4


    Spell Access : Simple spells & all spells with plant [P] or positive energy [Pe] descriptors

    Spells Readied :

    0 level - Bash, Canny Effort, Ghost Sound, Glowglobe (Lesser), Read Magic, Seeker

    1st level - Animate Weapon, Compelling Question (Lesser), Plant Armor, Transfer Wounds (Lesser)

    Spells Readied at One Time (by Level) : 6/4

    Spell Slots per Day (by Level) : 3/2

    DC Modifier for Spellcasters (by Level) : 12/13


    Character Description : Tall for his age, even by the standards of Giants, Ys-Baddaden has already undergone the first ceremony of the Shu-Rin ritual, bringing his height to an astounding 8 feet 9 inches. If he continues at this rate, he could well top 12 feet at the end of the Shu-Rin, making him easily one of the tallest Giants in known history. His appearance fits his nature, however, making the quiet one look more like the trees he so loves. Add that to his bronze skin and his red hair and Ys-Baddaden doesn't look much different from an mighty oak in the autumn. He doesn't act very different from them either, always quiet and reserved, the Giant often lets his powerful presence and his thoughtful actions speak for him.
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    Name: Danwyn Reed (True name Slides in Grass) Race: Human Sex: Male Class: Snake Totem Warrior Level:2 XP:1,400

    str 14 (6)
    dex 15(08)
    con 14 (6)
    int 10 (2)
    wis 10 (2)
    cha 09 (1)
    HP: 17 Dying -3/Dead -14

    AC: base 17 (18 dodge) 19 vs. melee 20 vs. sword

    Init: +8

    Fort +4 Ref +3 Will +0

    BAB +2
    melee +5 longsword 1-8 +3 19-20/x2
    ranged +4 shortbow 1-6 20/x3 r

    natural swordsman +1 dmg with swords, +1 ac vs swords
    bonded item longsword +1 luck bonus
    defensive stance +1 ac vs melee
    improved iniative +4 iniative

    Climb 4 (6)
    survival 5 (6)
    spot 5 (5)
    Jump 4 (6)
    Swim 3 (5)
    Knowledge, Sailing and Navigation 2cc (2)

    chain shirt
    round shield
    shortbow w/20 arrows
    20 MW arrows
    5 day dry rations
    potion of lesser battle healing
    299 GP

    Class abilities
    proficient with simple, martial and exotic (agile) weapons, light and medium armor, shields
    inherent +1 bonus to Ref save and +1 dodge bonus
    +2 competance to iniative
    bonus feat at 2nd

    Background: Delietante grandson of Telles Reed of Ka Rone. Kicked out untill he can prove himself, he now roams the world in search of adventure.
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    Osric Hammelhorn
    Human, Male, Akashic – 1
    5’9”, 170 lbs, 27 yrs old
    Black Hair, Green eyes, nice smile.

    Abilities and Attributes
    Str 10, Dex 14 (+2), Con 14 (+2), Int 14 (+2), Wis 10, Chr 11
    AC 16 (Dex +2, Armor Bonus +4, Armor check penalty –3)
    Init: +2
    Speed 20 (Normal 30, 10 penalty due to armor, Medium Load right now, 62 of 66 lbs)
    R/F/W = 2/2/2

    Longbow, Under 30’ +3 to hit, d8+2 dmg
    Longbow, Over 30’, +2 to hit, d8+1 dmg
    Longbow, range increment = 100’
    Mace, light, +0 to hit, d6 damage
    Beastscale armor, Snake +2 to sneak

    Common, Draconic, Goblin, Giant, Sylvan, Litorian, Verrik

    Natural Archer, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot

    Balance 3, Disable Device 6, Escape Artist 3, Knowledge Religion 6, Open Lock 6, Search 6, Sleight of Hand 3, Sneak 7, Speak Language 6, Tumble 3, Use Rope 6 (armor check penalty already applied to pertinent skills)

    Arrows (40)
    Mace, Light
    Beast Scale Armor
    Ration, Trail – 4day
    Signal Whistle
    Back Pack
    Water skin
    Rope, silk 50’
    Thieves’ tools
    Gp: 12, Sp:1

    While going through Akashic training I gained an affinity for religion and languages. The best way to learn about both is to travel. I took my earnings from years of work and bought some “adventuring” equipment. I have always had a knack with a bow and arrow, so I picked up Gracie and we went walking to see whom we could meet and what we could learn. I’m outgoing and friendly towards all; pretty happy-go-lucky, really. I have not yet seen the darker side of people’s nature..

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    Male Giant Champion of Life 3: HD 3d10+6; hp 28; Dying/Dead -2/-14; Init +2 (+1 Dex); Spd 20ft.; AC 15 (+4 armor, +1 dex) [+3 called shield]; Atk +8 melee (1d10+6, 19-20/x2, bastard sword (2 handed)) or +8 melee (1d10+4, 19-20/x2, bastard sword (one-handed)) or +4 ranged (1d6, x3, 60ft, longbow); SV Fort +5 (+2 Con), Refl +2 (+1 Dex), Will +2 (-1 Wis); Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 8. Height 6ft. 8in., Weight 225 lbs., 24 years old. Red hair, brown eyes. XP 3,301

    Skills/Feats: climb +5 (+4 Str), diplomacy +2 (-1 Cha), jump +5 (+4 Str), sense motive +1 (-1 Wis), spot +5 (-1 Wis), speak language (common, giant). Exotic Weapons (Heavy), Bonded Item (bastard sword), Power Attack.

    Class Features: Simple/Martial Weapons Proficiency, Heavy/Medium/Light Armor/Shield Proficiency.
    Use spell-completion and spell-trigger Positive Energy items.
    Life's Healing: heal by touch, standard action (Con*level/day = 4hp/day)
    Call Shield: 1/day, 10min/lvl, +1 heavy shield (acp -2, 15lbs, +3 ac).

    Possessions: shortbow, 20 arrows, bastard sword, beastscale armor, bedroll, flint and steel, 6 days trail rations, 5 torches, backpack, belt pouch, waterskin, adventurer's outfit, 2 scrolls of transfer wounds (lesser). Encumbrance: 65.5 lbs (light)

    Coins: 15gp 8sp 5cp

    Description: Standing at only 6 feet, 8 inches, Ys Korros is a bit small for a giant, but that doesn't get him down. He is loud and boisterous, fully enjoying life as much as he can. He has red hair much like the rest of his family and deep soft brown eyes. With his tanned skin him and his brother, Ys Baddaden, have been called little different than trees.

    History: Ys Korros grew up in Jerrad, son of a city guardsman. While his father hadn't accomplished much he had high hopes for his two sons. Ys Korros and Ys Baddaden both had a spark for life and grew up big and strong together. When time came for them to strike out on their own, Ys Korros took a job as a guardsman like his father. But when his little brother left to become an adventurer following his the first of his Shu-Rin ceremonies, Ys Korros decided to follow. He has now caught up with his little brother in the Ebonring Keep and is determined to keep him safe.
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    Aurial of Wynndale

    Quickling, 2nd-Level Hawk totem warrior
    Small Humanoid (Female Quickling Faen)
    True Name: Pyxi
    Hit Dice: 2d8+2 (15 hp)
    Initiative: +9
    Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares) Run 150ft (30 squares)
    Armor Class: 19 (+1 size, +1dodge, +4 Dex, +3 Studded Leather Jack), touch 16, flat-footed 14
    Base Attack/Grapple: +2/–2
    Attack: Falchion +3 melee (2d3/18–20) or LT Crossbow +7 ranged (1d6/19–20)
    Point blank shot: LT Crossbow +8 ranged (1d6+1/19–20)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Qualities: Quickling traits
    Saves: Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +1
    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 9
    Languages: Common & Faen.
    Skills: Sneak +10, Listen +1, Spot +6, Search +5, Wilderness Survival +3, Knowledge Geography +3, Ride +6, Handle Animal +2.
    Feats: Compensate for size
    Ceremonies: Fleet of Foot
    Class Traits: Improved Initiative, Point blank shot, +1 dodge bonus.

    Description: Aurial is tall (for her people) and lithe. Her long beige colored hair is kept in a braid down her back and adorned with feathers and bright ribbons. She has soft brown eyes and a quick smile. She can be a true terror in combat but she is a loving mother at everyone she knows. Aurial has a darkness that she is trying to get over. Her husband (Sanriff) left her while she was on a hunting trip for their village and took their infant children (Riffik and Karial) with him. He left no note or reason. She has given up trying to find them after the past year.

    Quickling Faen Traits (Ex): Quicklings possess the following racial traits.
    — +2 Dexterity, –2 Strength.
    — Small size. +1 bonus to Armor Class, +4 bonus on sneak checks, –4 penalty on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits 3/4 those of Medium characters.
    —A Quickling’s base land speed is 20 feet. Quicklings run at 5x base
    — +2 racial bonus on Sneak checks.
    — +1 racial bonus on Initiative.
    — Lowlight vision

    Equipment: (money left: 8g, 4s)
    Carried: Studded leather jerk, Falchion, LT crossbow, 20 bolts, Belt pouch (5 tindertwigs, change, 2 sunrods).
    On Mule: pack saddle, saddlebags, bedroll, tent, 2 days rations, 8 sunrods.
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