Hi, folks! I'm just blowing off some steam here. If I write anything unintelligible, let me know, and I'll try to fix the problem. It suddenly occurred to me that the needs of most prestige classes could be filled with character classes. Most abilities could be spread out over 20 levels instead of 10. It just strikes me that many of these prestige classes don't seem any more demanding than a wizard or monk. They don't seem like they'd require any more prerequisites than most of the character classes.

This might seem off-base, but I remember reading some poll somewhere...I misremember where, but anyway, it said only a small percentage of people play prestige classes, as opposed to character classes. Am I correct? Or is this poll dead wrong? I don't recall where I read about it. When you're on the internet at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, your mind can play tricks with you.

Furthermore...do you prefer character classes or prestige classes...? And if you could take your favorite prestige class, say a skald, or maybe church inquisitor, and have it as a character class starting at 1st level, would you go for it? Does that seem like a viable alternative?

Let's say the prestige class had its 10 levels of powers spread out over 20 levels instead. Some of these prestige classes could be toned down a bit if necessary (for those concerned about game balance).

Now I know that certain prestige classes require you to be a certain race (such as a dwarven defender), so not everyone qualifies. But a paladin needs to be lawful good, so not everyone qualifies for that either. This strikes me as very reasonable. What do you think, Mister 1st level Church Inquisitor?