FROM BEYOND - Distress Call Ep. 1
FROM BEYOND - Distress Call Ep. 1
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Game system(s): Starfinder Ruleset,
Genre: Science Fiction,

Sun 04 February 2018
Davide Tramma,
Hardcover, Softcover, PDF (33 pages)
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Distress Call tells the tale of a newly discovered star system, and as stated in the Starfinder Campaign Setting, the space exploration has just begun. This star system, which is formed by a brown dwarf star and four orbiting planet is distant but rich. The players will start the game onboard of an outpost, the Cerberus, and their duty is to provide support to the ship that will reach the system to exploit its resources and explore the unclaimed planets. When the adventure starts one ship is already at work, the Sawshark. The Sawshark is a hi-tech medium sized ship with ice-mining and ice-refining purpose, capable of converting hydrogen into Deuterium and Metallic Hydrogen, both of these molecules are essential to produce energy. Everything was going fine, has gone fine for weeks, until one day the Cerberus outpost receive an automatic distress call which lasts for few seconds. Then everything goes silent and any attempt to hail the Sawshark fails. The long range scanner still detect the ship, but is seems that something has gone wrong. Here the PCs come into action. They have to go for the Swashark, rescue the ship and bring back the space vessel to the Cerberus. When they reach the ship, they simply find out that there are no humanoid life forms onboard, no air inside, the airlocks are opened, the artificial gravity is not working, and the Power Core is off.
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