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Slayer's Frontier Playtest Edition
Slayer's Frontier Playtest Edition
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Wooden Cauldron

Game system(s): 5e,
Line: Slayer's Frontier,
Genre: Fantasy, Hunting, Cavepunk,

Tue 06 February 2018
Joonas Lind,
PDF (123 pages)
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Let the Hunt Begin!
Slayer's Frontier is an action and exploration oriented cavepunk-styled RPG based on the 5E Ruleset. With tweaks to the combat actions and skills, bouts of combat flow smoother than standard 5E.

Explore untrodden lands, track magnificent beasts, and craft gear to meet with tougher challenges. Teamwork and a good head will be needed to deal with all new monsters!

Open Playtest
The game is currently in production, with the playtest kit representing the core rules. The playtest kit is not representative of the final product and may contain errors.
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