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    And to solve the mecha issue that technically his ground pressure is so absurd

    Its probably even worse as Adamantine bypassing 20 points of hardness probably translates to some kind of force multiplier for destroying things. If he's really lucky he's swimming in bedrock right now, if not he's heading down to the magma layer to swim with the lavafishes.

    As he's not i'm assuming a wizard fixed it. My preferred solution is 1000's of immovable rods anchored into his skeletal structure, they support him, make him even harder to knock around, and he doesn't notice the DC 30 strength check to move. He serenely walk across the world with very little weight, but with a massive static inertia, so all the fun of crushing things, none of the problems from falling and destroyed ankles.
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    In the Battletech and Mechwarrior universe, someone did calculations and figured out that mechs as drawn are actually less dense than water.

    My headcanon for ZEITGEIST is that Borne's made of adamantine that was magically alloyed with other metals, sort of like how adding a bit of carbon to iron makes steel. Without magic he'd collapse, but he's so suffused with magic he's impossible to dispel.

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    It's the strange thoughts players have. I had never considered just how much adamantium must be involved in building Borne. However the morning after he turned up I got an analysis of the amount of Adamantine needed to build him and it's cost. Also apparently Borne is only the second largest golem to menace a party of pc's there was a 1000 foot tall golem in module CM4

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    I ran an adventure with a colossal biological airship. Between sessions the doctor I gamed wrote an analysis of its blood pressure and how they could kill it with internal bleeding.
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    With the Collosus Borne astride the mountain there is a brief diversion into how many devestation beetle's he is worth as the Devestation Beetle is the groups current scale for large mobile natural disasters it comes down as 'many'.
    Manuel gathers his fireworks , while Ulvaar and El Kevin help the military round up the survivors from the complex and Nevla flies off with Gale to brief the king. On arrival they are pleased to hear the king is already planning to draw the collossus out of the city and even more pleased to hear he can send it to the dreaming, they are less pleased to discover it will notice and object. They discuss various options but they need a stable platform for the king to perform his ritual which moves which means a boat or a train and they decide train tracks are too vulnerable to Borne.
    Originally they are concerned about the harbour but after checking realise it is large and deep enough to serve as a place to kite Borne around and Manuel supervises the set up of the fireworks while the rest rush to the coaltongue. En-route they encounter the captain of the Danoran frigate in port and beleive she is sincere in deciding to help (and that a single broadside from her ship would hurt the coaltongue less than a punch from Borne so even is she is a mad assassin she is not big enough to worry about).
    They also see the crowds of dockers on the verge of rioting and Nevla joins Thames Grimsley in appealing for calm and to assist the navy and king by manning the ships to fight the collossus, her appeal goes down well and the crowds rush to man the ships

    Finally they are ready and as the collossus emerges into the harbor the king begins his ritual , Nevla acting as temporary captain of the Coaltongue until Gale can bring captain Smith of the Impossible to take over. Initially they are able to keep out of reach of Borne although he does wreck the Avalanche which had not made it dar enough out into the bay. They note it is leaking witch oil and that this witch oil is attacking other ships , after a few minutes they start to get closer and only the intervention of two other ships firing and hitting Borne's nose saves them when he projects Witch oil from his eyes at those ships they are concerned and wonder if other long range weapons are built in and Borne in his current state is just unable to use them. He lurches forward again and is about to strike the coal tongue when Manual unleashes a blast of fireworks just in front of his face dazzling and distracting him but unfortunately causing blobs of witch oil to rain down on deck, the largest blob is engaged by Nevla and Ulvaar while Manuel prepares a paint cannon shot to distract Borne next time as he fears the growing storm will make fireworks ineffectual. Borne closes in again as the ritual nears its end , Manuels paint shot misses the eyes and is ineffectual and only the Danoran warship intercepting Borne saves the coal tongue but leaves a large hole in the frigate which turns to run for the shore to beach itself much aided by Borne vanishing into the dreaming.

    In the aftermath the group discuss with the king what to do next and convince him that the truth about what happened is the best way to go and rather than blame Danor instead the king will announce the presence of a secret society responsible for Borne involving the Danoran leadership but not the nation as a whole. In the short term the crew of the frigate which is wrecked are loaded onto a transport and sent back to Danor with the Kings thanks.
    Those dockers who manned ships are awarded a medal and those who died are posthumously recruited into the navy and their families given the same pension a sailors family would have recieved.
    The constables are kighted much to the delight of Manuel as he believes he must be the first goblin knight of Risur , his heraldry will involve bats. I suspect El Kevin will be equally delighted.
    The group also learn that Isobel has arrived in Flint after travelling from Elfaivar she was attacked en-route by clearly Ob agents and Andrei abducted while she was threatened but when he surrendered on the agreement she would not be hurt she was put on a first class passenger ship to Flint.
    The constables are tasked to track down the Ob and think that finding this Tinker Oddcog designer of the golem should be a priority they are plaesed to discover it will be, when told they will end up going to Ber they ask if the Brakken would be avialable and are pleased to discover that he will meet them there.
    However that will not be for some time. Our group will be moving to a Galaxy far far away and a long time ago for several months to conclude a Star wars campaign before we return to complete this campaign.

    So far it has worked excellently and all of the players have been impressed by the writing of the campaign and will enjoy returning to it. They want to find out what the Ob is up to and Nevla wants to find out what is going on with her links to Kasavarina
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    Also remembered the group has persuaded the King to set up a foundation to control all the shares and interests in businesses formerly controlled by Lorcan Kell this trust will have the job of combining industrial progress with better environmentalism and worker relations. Notably on the board are Hewin Sechard and some other business owners nominated by him, Thames Grimsley to represent the workers and Gale to represent the traditionalist druids and opponents of industry. Manuel expects himself and El Kevin to provide some scientific support for the group when time allows.

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