The Discarded Gem
The Discarded Gem
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Game system(s): D&D 5e,
Genre: Fantasy,

Fri 02 February 2018
Aaron M Lopez,
Digital Download (PDF) (19 pages)
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The Kingdom of Halruaa’s past is a mystery. The disappearance of the entire kingdom during the Spellplague and its subsequent return has always been looked upon as feat of magic that will never be replicated and Halruaa’s Council of Elders has dedicated itself to ensuring that this magic remains hidden. rumors are starting to surface that someone may have found a way to duplicate the feat and this has made faction leaders throughout Toril nervous, especially when recent communications with Faction agents in the area have grown silent. What can be discovered in the Kingdom of Halruua? Are the rumors true or is there something else entirely happening?

The Discarded Gem is a 3 to 4-hour adventure for characters level 1 - 4.

Includes full-color maps as well as the stylized versions.
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