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    Otiroth: Beyond the Pit

    Otiroth stands for a moment aghast, but only a moment. The walking armor had been a mystical curiosity, for certain, but this was a far more visceral threat.

    Or perhaps visceral was the wrong word?

    'Burn it' was his first thought, and one that chased aside any other consideration, at least for the briefest of moments it took to once more call upon a bolt of flames at the creature... the desire to remove the walking skeleton from the equation came before any thought of studying it.

    <Wisdom roll= 18+3=21.>

    <Spellcasting: firebolt. 15 to hit, 10 for damage>

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    Ensnarement and brute force followed by the lick of magical flames bring the fleshless creature to its knees. Broken and blackened, it looks upwards at you before finally collapsing into a pile of smokey bones.

    Two small and rough stones roll out from the eye cavities, apparently unscarred, and tumble off across the ground a foot or so near your feet. Milky. Shiny. Full of fire in the twinkle of Carthum's magical little rock and Dain's accompanying torchlight.

    Undead. Rarely seen and even less spoken of, but still mentioned here and there within texts of years long lost. Necromancy, a topic of interest no doubt for The Burning Rose, as some forms of magic come at a heavy cost and warrant great warning. It is not a path encouraged by the wise. Otiroth recalls perhaps lessons of restraint and how one must dodge the most foul of corruptions. Yes, there are ways to immortality through magic, and though the study of death and the leeching of souls may be tempting for those wishing to extend their grip on life, this particular path comes at a most horrible price. Perhaps the price of a youngling. The size and proportions of the remains would indicate a human, definitely in its early years.

    The church of Suru too, would find the existence of walking dead most abhorrent. A violation of justice of the highest order. The right to rest in peace. The sacrilege of preventing a soul from its final trial, to prove worthiness and enter the quiet tranquility of the heavens.

    For this to have existed, someone must have animated the remains. A sombre thought, that perhaps down here somewhere lies a guardian still capable of breath. Even more worrying perhaps, is how a child came to be here of all places to see its humanity snuffed out.

    Stood with back to the far wall, Annit's expression of surprise probably mirrors your own. Then her gaze turns down to the pair of gems silently waiting on the floor. A twinkle returns to her eyes as she points to them.

    "Moonstone," she says. "My father calls them the stone of permanence, but it seems you've just put an end to that theory."

    For the magically gifted in the group, you can almost feel a shallow wave of power radiating from them, like ripples upon the top of some dark unknown pool.

    Somewhere far away the occasional sounds of rock splintering under impact can be heard, but for now, all else is still...
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    Carthum One-Tusk: beyond the pit

    In a twist of flame and elven steel, the undead was put to rest. Sometimes, they had little choice in the matter.

    Whoever had created the undead had had plenty of choice, and had chosen the greatest of sacrileges as its path. "It is not the permanence of gems that holds such here, but the malice of the living. Or near-to living."

    Carthum went to one knee before the shattered bones, for a moment speaking a short prayer in the old tongue. Last Rites. Let whichever god had waited for this soul judge it with the greatest mercy.

    And let Suru guide them to the same for any others cursed here.

    He'd not let any touch the stones until he was done. If they wished to take them, so be it- Carthum himself would prefer to bury them, and find stones untainted by undeath, but it was not solely his decision to make.

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    Jeovanna: Beyond the Pit

    Walking skeletons. That just wasn't right.

    Well, evil magics or no- and even the sorcerer seemed to think so- her trap had still caught it. Jeovanna bent to retrieve the trap, investigating it closely for a moment to make sure it wasn't damaged before securing it at the side of her pack once more. It had worked well, but she did not think it'd be so handy in situations where they couldn't wait for their foes to come to them.

    And from the sound of noise further down the mine, they would need to go to them.

    "People fought wars over those?" Jeovanna asked, nudging the stones with the toe of her boot. She did not seem too impressed. She'd expected... shinier!

    "Well, they will have heard us now. But still they dig. Perhaps they have guards."

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    Metea: Beyond the Pit

    Metea's reaction to the undead had been awfully muted. Forbidden magic...

    ...very amazing.

    "Have you seen these things before?" She'd ask Dain, but already, Metea was bending down by the stones. "Look- they definitely have some magic in them. From the spell that made it walk? Or is it a natural quality? Oh, it's fascinating, isn't it?"

    Metea had begun to reach out to scoop the stones up, but she felt Carthum's eyes on her, and she'd relent.

    She'd pocket them once his back was turned.
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    Dain - Beyond the Pit

    As the undead creature fell in flames, its body broken, Dain took a step backwards, his sword held up high in an aggressive stance. His eyes followed the orbs that fell from the small head...and in the back of his mind he heard distant voices that slowly receded as the tiny orbs came to a stop.

    He shook his head slowly as the others inspected the stones, and at Metea's question. "I do not know. They are abhorrent to me...but that is not surprising." He said nothing of the young woman, and already the words he had spoken were difficult to recall.

    Relaxing slightly, he reached down and retrieved his torch. He looked towards the sound of mining, and then back to the dark corridor from which the undead had come. "We must remember our purpose here. I would like nothing more than to hunt these vile creatures and free their souls...but perhaps it is not the time. I still hold that speed and directness is our best strategy to finding what we came for and leaving here alive."

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    Otiroth: Beyond the Pit

    "Necromancy. It was forbidden before magic was forbidden. A firebolt may light a campfire, a Power Word may serve as a last-ditch defense against an invading killer, but necromancy exists to do little more than enslave and torture a lost soul."

    Otiroth seemed far away for a moment. He remembered not only what the Burning Rose had taught him, but what he had read as well. Dragons lived so long, they feared undeath most of all* and he had adopted that fear.

    "We move on. Down the path- towards the miners. They will have put any gemstones they mined where they can watch and guard them- and anything they might have found would have joined the hoard," Otiroth declared suddenly, eyes especially firey. "If we can move past without a fight, so be it; we will know this den of evil is here, and make sure to return once we are better prepared. If we are forced to fight... then many damned souls shall be freed this day!"

    He raised his hand, and a few orbs of light flickered in place, dancing over his head. Their light so far had gone unnoticed. If it was noticed, then these orbs would serve as a distraction, should he use them correctly.

    It was time to move!

    *Quote credited to Peter

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    Nicely done team! Chapter 3 is at:


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