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    I think it is well worth adding "The Messenger" to the list of films to watch if only for the extremely, well-created 15th century battle sequences...


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    In addition to the many fine selections already mentioned, I would add Matilda to the list. "Javelin. Shot put. Hammer throw!"

    Fiery Dragon rocks!

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    yes, i also like to watch fantasy and horror movie. because it's interesting and good entertaining. like paranormal activity one of the best movie which i like.

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    Sadly, in the eight years since this thread was started, I can't think of more than a handful of mediocre to genuinely good fantasy movies that have been released. That's pretty abysmal.

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    No order

    Lord of the Rings
    Big Trouble in Little China
    King Kong
    Princess Bride
    Scorpian King
    Dragon Slayer
    Sinbad and the Eye Of The Tiger
    Beast Master
    Indiana Jones
    The 13th Warrior
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    First thing we might need is a good definition of fantasy.

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    Excluding LOTR, I'd go with:

    Conan the Barbarian
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonReaver View Post
    Sadly, in the eight years since this thread was started, I can't think of more than a handful of mediocre to genuinely good fantasy movies that have been released. That's pretty abysmal.
    I've enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia so far (even though The Voyage of the Dawn Treader deviated quite a bit from the book). Eragon was entertaining and well-made. The Pirates of the Caribbean series is good.

    On the flipside, perhaps the worst fantasy movie of recent times, or perhaps just the biggest disappointment, was The Seeker (based on The Dark Is Rising).
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolai View Post
    I just wanted to gather the boards opinion on what are the best fantasy movies. If people want to make suggestion for a "list-of-shame" of the worst I'm also more than happy to hear them. I know it's hardly the most well-done cinematic genre, but there has been a steady trickle of these films in the 80s and 90s.

    Can we also put "Lord of the Rings" to one side, I've a feeling it'll top most lists, and I want to concentrate on the genre before Peter Jackson's invtervention.


    no particular order; 10 of my favorites:

    Beastmaster (I enjoyed the whole series.)
    The Hobbit (the old cartoon version; surprised nobody has mentioned it)
    13th Warrior*
    Conan (both movies)
    Clash of The Titans (I still prefer the old movie over the remake.)
    The Wizard of Oz
    Son of Hercules**

    *as others have pointed out, 13th Warrior isn't exactly fantasy, but that movie is very very close to how I imagine a lot of gritty fantasy in my head.

    ** I'm unsure what the actual name of this movie is. I remember watching it on VHS while at my grandmother's house a long time ago. I tried doing a google search to find the movie I was thinking of, but my memory of the plot doesn't seem to match up with the search results I got.

    I remember the main character being the Son of Hercules. During some early fight scenes between the kingdom which most of the movie takes place in and the enemy, there's a crackle of thunder and a warrior dressed somewhat like a stereotypical spartan appears. This mystery warrior turns the tide of a losing battle. Eventually, he is revealed to be the 'Son of Hercules.'

    As a kid, I remember thinking the guy playing the Son of Hercules sorta had a big nose.

    I remember there being a scene where he was in some sort of temple with a lot of women. Possibly a temple to Aphrodite, but I don't remember. I mostly remember the head priestess trying to convince the protagonist to stay with her and forget life outside. Through a combination of wine and eye candy, she tried to fog his mind, but eventually he willed himself to want to leave. I believe there may have been a female lead who was the reason why he wanted to leave.

    I think I also remember a scene in which the protagonist was yelling at the sky and having a one-sided conversation with Hercules (who at this point had apparently ascended to godhood.) The conversation was about the struggles of living as a mortal on the mortal world.

    The movie was in color, but I know it was a rather old movie. While my memory of it is vague, I remember it being a movie I liked. I watched it quite often when I would visit, but it's been so long that I still do not recall the name nor some of the other details about it.

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