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The contents of the Bundle, with links to reviews or product highlights:

PHIL BECKWITH (of P.B. Publishing)
The Haunt– a Platinum (!) bestseller it is a one shot, 6-8 hour Horror themed adventure, designed for characters of 4th or 5th level. 30 5-star rating and reviews. A true star of the collection!
Struggle in Three-Horn Valley - a survival based, 6-8 hour Dinosaur & Pirate themed adventure, designed for characters of 3rd or 4th level. Again, lots of reviews, one of them can be found here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+TonyPet...ts/fEBjzDMKAMW

From an Ennie nominee come 2 titles:
Breaker of Chains - a 4-hour old school adventure for characters of levels 6-8, featuring tricks, traps, exploration, traps, and ritual sacrifice. Never again will your players waltz into a dungeon convinced that you aren’t willing to kill them in new and horrible ways! A reviewer said: “This is a really nasty little dungeon, in the best way. Chris is obviously channelling old school dungeon design and I can easily see ways to fit this into Tomb of Annihilation as a sidequest.
Trinkets Too -100 new trinkets to dish out to your players

The Inns and Taverns Handbook - A practical handbook for any Dungeon Master. Choose from over 250 inns and taverns! Want more NPC descriptions and taverns stats? Want encounter tables for each kind of inn and tavern? Want random events tables for inns and taverns? This handbook includes all of that and more...
The Stores Handbook - Another practical handbook for Dungeon Masters. There are many useful items in the Players Handbook and the Dungeon Master's Guide. This book introduces those items naturally into your game. It is a detailed collection of 56 different stores. There are descriptions of the stores, lists of prices, details about the staff and customers, and more.

Aristobulus's Useful Items - an assortment of mundane magical items with which DMs can personalize their setting, presented in the style of a modern catalog. It is suitable as a campaign handout, providing interesting magical doodads for your players!
You Can Try: Tips on Becoming a Better DM - Looking to improve your abilities as a DM? Here's some inspiration - ideas to help you have a better experience at your table, from a DM with decades of experience. From player management to adventure design, Davis covers a lot of bases with practical tips to make your games better, as well as the theory which underlies them. A reviewer said: “This product is a well-written and very informative guide that I think every new and new-ish DM should at least peruse (heck, some experienced DMs may want to take a look, as well). There are a lot of great tips in here, and I, for one, will definitely be incorporating most of them into my DMing style.”

Magic Item Store - Lledrith's Wagon - the product describes 55 magic items of varying potency and also includes a short excerpt about the history of each of them.

Oath of the Aegis: A Swordmage Archetype for Paladins - presents a unique paladin archetype adapted from “Forgotten Realms Archetypes II: Champions of Mystery” and “Unearthed Archetypes: Heroes for the Ages”,
The Pseudonatural Creature - The pseudonatural creature recurred in several D&D publications, representing creatures unmistakably foreign to the nature of our reality. They are the spawn or servitors of Great Old Ones, elder gods, and other sanity-blasting entities whose existence mortals can barely comprehend. They leak into this world from the Far Realm, an unknowable space beyond even the Outer Planes. The pseudonatural template presented in this document provides a means of representing such eldritch horrors, as well as a simple way to increase the menace or general

The Boneyard - a 3- to 4-hour adventure for characters levels 1st to 4th. It features a flavorful setting, memorable roleplaying, oddball and depraved NPCs, interwoven storylines, and macabre combat encounters! The adventure also includes 3 new NPC stat blocks.

The Dread Tailor - A 4-6 hour Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 1st-2nd level characters! A reviewer said: “Very well written and organized. Very nice page layouts, easy to navigate. Great one shot for low level characters. This is a good one if you like Liches and goblin fights. This module also includes includes a map, monster stat blocks, and descriptions for unique treasure. It has a short and a long version, so you get two full pdf's. Very well done!!!

The Cottage on the Long Road - an introductory adventure for 1st - 3rd level characters. A review can be found here: https://thekindgm.wordpress.com/2017...the-long-road/
Rarities of the Realms - collects a wide variety of races, classes, backgrounds, and feats previously published across several products by author Travis Legge.
Unstuck Encounters, Short scenarios for when your PCs just can't figure it out. A podcast review: http://www.thetomeshow.com/e/more-pd...ws-tome-286/--
Volo's Lost Encounters - A collection of encounters to be easily used in your campaigns, featuring some of the races from Volo's Guide to Monsters. A very positive review from Merric B. himself: https://merricb.com/2017/05/15/5e-ad...st-encounters/

Hunted! – an adventure scaled for a party of 4-6 adventurers of levels 5-7. Reviews can be found here: https://www.goblinstone.com/Blog/AR_Hunted and here: https://thekindgm.wordpress.com/2017...review-hunted/
With this adventure Tony proves that he's no one-trick pony. I absolutely adored Killer Kobolds, and I wondered if this was going to be a similar sort of hack-and-slash romp. It is not. Instead, it's a nicely layered investigative adventures with some really fun twists and an awesome finale that I absolutely can't wait to get to the table." Loot the Room

10 Sentient Magic Items - Volume I - 10 sentient magic items to add flavor and fun to your campaign.
Prestige Classes of the Gods - Volume I - nine prestige classes related to worship or service to the gods.

Finders Keepers – one of the few 20th level adventures out there! Includes 10 pages of advice on writing and publishing your own product on DMG. Lots of reviews around for this one, for example: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthr...inders-Keepers
Homeward Bound – simple rules for a player-owned base that provides small game-mechanics benefits, can be upgraded, expanded etc. Includes a campaign framework with the house at its centre. Lots of reviews, for example: https://throatpunchgames.com/2017/04...er-owned-base/

Gateway to a Savage Land – another platinum bestseller in the collection, it is a 2nd tier adventure for 6th - 10th level characters that features battles, environmental hazards, and roleplaying. “Ran this as a sidequest for my group. Everyone had a blast and there was plenty of room for rp and a bit of room to look around away from the main quest line. Very well written and well structured. Some interesting characters and unique elements. The players had a blast. Would definitely recomend to anyone who even slightly likes dinosaurs.
The Night of the Rise - The Night of the Rise is an engaging adventure written for a party of four or more characters of 1st-6th level, with recommendations for higher level characters. “An incredibly clever conceit, and a few tricks along the way, make this a real gem. For it to really work requires a little railroading, so stay away if you're uncomfortable with that (although you probably wouldn't be looking at one-shot adventures here if that was the case). You need to place it on a road that is a couple days' travel between two towns, and have the players be compelled to travel by land on that road.

Tentacles. Why did it have to be Tentacles? - A 4-hour Underdark adventure for 5th-7th level characters