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Dungeon Masters Guild

Game system(s): D&D 5e,
Line: One Shot Adventure,

Thu 01 March 2018
Christian Eichhorn,
PDF (23 pages)
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Rodents of Unusual Size: A small village is plagued by an army of rats which feast on their supplies and threaten the survival of the village, as winter is approaching. Venture into the deep to slay the cranium rats or strike a bargain to kill the 'great eater' to save the village folk from starvation.

The Pied Piper: The very same village faces another challenge, as most of the village children seem to vanish one by one. A hand full of heroes will be needed to solve this mystery and rescue the children from the clutches of a tribe of Kobolds! The Kobolds use the children as cheap laborers, to unearth the ancient temple of Cyric.
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