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    Can you email me a copy?

    Hi! I am just a lurker around here, but am having trouble redownloading the 3.5 conversion of T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil. I am planning on starting it tomorrow, and thought I had it, but evidently it was lost in a hard drive crash I suffered last month (and it may have only been a 3E conversion I lost anyway). Can you send it to me A.S.A.P.???

    My email address is dgmiller@sccoast.net

    Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!!!

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    Something definitely seems to be wrong with EN World downloading.

    Could you possibly send out a copy to me as well?


    Thank you.
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    I'd like to take a look at this.


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    A copy please

    I would like a copy as well.


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    would appreceat it if some one could e-mail me this also
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    Since the conversions on ENWorld Download section seem to be indefinitely down, is it possible to have a look at your material?

    guillaume_godbout at globetrotter dot net.

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    Please could someone send me a copy at dragonr@adelphia.net

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    I would also like a copy:


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    May I have one too please?
    Thank you!

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    Hey...I am about to run this (my players pitched in and bought it for me). Can I get a copy of the conversion?

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