(Record) Character Tracking and Interface Thread
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    (Record) Character Tracking and Interface Thread

    This is a Thread for DMs to post which characters are currently on adventures that they are running, hopefull clearing up any problems with continuity.

    DMs, Please only Post ONE time here. You can Edit your Post, including making allowances for multiple games that you run. The object is to have as few Posts as possible (1/DM). Thank you.

    What we do not want to see is 30 posts saying:
    'Reserved for my Adventures'.
    Once you have a Spot, if you finish an adventure and there will be some time until you run one again,please edit the post, deleting the PCs names and put the message 'currently not running' instead.
    We have a lot of other things to edit without trying to get rid of a bunch of extra reserved posts and editing DMs non-running games.

    The Judges.
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    To Delmon's Aid
    <At the Monestary of Saint Feragon>

    Troi Delmontes
    Felixandryr Tharvishan
    Thale Duskblade
    Thurgan Hammer

    The Monestary of Saint Feragon
    <At the Monestary of Saint Feragon>

    Aranel SilimaurŰ
    Telerin Sathalos
    Rurik Axebender
    Sir Ishmael of the Wooden Sword
    Sturm Gerwycht
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    presently arriving at the outskirts of Kolty's tower

    Jaan Saaresar
    Tamatea Ariki
    Tristan Agencourt

    Dylan Pontius (Hasn't replied to the adventure thread sinces it's inception... so he's not really part of the adventure anymore. I don't know whether this means he's just "returned to the red dragon inn" or something else...)
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    Adventure: Slaying the Dreamer

    Participants: Fant, Dravin, Jack, Quickwhip

    Location: Ushad (appr. 850 miles south, south-west of the Red Dragon Inn)

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    Adventure: Retrieval of Fallon's Key

    Venus playing Rogier Goodwill, Human Paladin of Hyrag.
    Manzanita playing Ignatious O'Reilly (Iggy), Halfling Divinor.
    JDragon playing Sebastian Slingfellow, Human Rogue
    Lichtenhart playing Serene Wind, Human Monk
    Kahuna Burger playing Sara (aka double trouble), Female Human Fighter
    Janos Audron playing Thebis-Ra, Grey Elf Wizard
    Sniphunt playing Llolian Theraspal, Elf Rogue

    They are currently in the Head Master's Tower in Fallon, the City of Falls, some 250 miles to the east of the Red Dragon Inn.
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    Currently not running an adventure.
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    A Merry Chase:

    Hiding out with their "kidnapping victim",
    Zoe Clearwater

    The bastards of Bluerun

    Enjoying the hospitality of a mildly beseiged town north of the red dragon,
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    Manzanita's LEW adventures

    DM Credits:
    M3: 3 (exact post lost)
    M4: 6
    Used: 1 (XPs to Percy in January 2007)
    L1: Dragon's Maw - 3 credits
    S1: 10 credits
    S2: 8 credits
    S1 & S2 Adventure summaries: 2
    S3: 13
    Running total: 44

    Monemvassia Series - completed

    M1: Goblin Ears and the MTG COMPLETED as of 09/10/2004

    Charlarn Human cleric 1 (1925 XP rcvd)
    Irene Halfling Illusionist 1 (1825 XP rcvd)
    Tenebrynn High elven divinor 1 (1925 XP rcvd)
    Nurlan Human Bard 1 (1925 XP rcvd)

    M2: The Search for Goblin HQ Start 09/22/04 Completed 06/01/05

    Charlyn Human cleric 2 (1889 XP + 2,888 XP)
    Irene Halfling Illusionist 2 (1675 XP + 2,888 XP)
    Tenebrynn High elven divinor 1/Ftr 1 (1889 +2,888 XP )
    Nurlan Human Bard 2 (1889 + 2,888 XP)
    Somac Human Barbarian 1 (1889 + 2,700 XP)
    Tor Human Barbarian 1 (1889 +2,700 XP)
    Rinaldo di Senzio Human Rogue 3 (1889 + 3,025 XP)
    Ashnar Mortist Human Wizard(Evoker) 1 (1889 +2,700 XP)

    Treasure Division

    M3: Assassin's Knot Started 08/05/05 Ended approx 03/31/06

    Tenebrynn High elven divinor 3/Ftr 1
    Nurlan Human Bard 3/Fighter 1
    Rinaldo di Senzio Human Rogue 5
    Ashnar Mortist Human Wizard(Evoker) 3
    Mordik Stoutiron Dwarven Rogue 1
    Eanos Human Monk 1

    XP award #1

    XP award #2 (lost to data crash): Ashnar 4857
    Eanos 3435
    Mordik 2675
    Nurlan 5103
    Rinaldo 5871
    Tenebrynn 4223

    XP award #3: Ashnar 850
    Eanos 825
    Mordik 825
    Nurlan 863
    Rinaldo 825
    Tenebrynn 863

    DM credits received: 3

    M4: Under the Volcano Started about 04/03/06 Ended 09/25/06

    Tenebrynn High elven divinor 4/Ftr 1
    Nurlan Human Bard 4/Fighter 1
    Rinaldo di Senzio Human Rogue 5/Trader 1
    Ashnar Mortist Human Wizard(Evoker) 4/Paragon 1
    Mordik Stoutiron Dwarven Rogue 2
    Eanos Human Monk 3
    Ogrin Brutalfist halfling Rog1/ftr2
    Rasereit Vundinn Dwarven Barbarian 3

    XP award 1
    XP award 2
    XP award 3
    DM credits: 6

    Adventures taken over from other DMs

    LPNN Taken over from Two on 09/01/05 COMPLETED 11/18/05

    Characters: (XPs since 8/31. Combat + 2.75 months)
    Almayce: Grey Elf Cleric 2 (595 +800 XP)
    Zaeryl Elant Shaper 1 (458 +675 XP)
    Ogrin Brutalfist halfling Rog1/ftr2 (645 +925 XP)
    Juliana Hayes Human Psychic Warrior 1 (458 +675XP)
    Vargo Human Druid 1 (458 XP)
    Rasereit Vundinn Dwarven Barbarian 3 (645 +925 XP)

    XP award 2
    Treasure post
    Enmity of the Conclave

    The Old Fashioned Way - Taken over from Kahuna Burger, COMPLETED

    Durg - half orc Monk 1 (660 XP)
    Semabin ai Harudan - human fighter 1 (660 XP)
    Caelian Riok - human figher 1 (660 XP)
    Rogar Flowstone - dwarf Cleric 1 (460 XP)
    Halydin Stormshadow - half-elf Ranger 1 (460 XP)

    L2: The Dragon's Maw

    Taken over 01/30/07
    Kermis, Human Barbarian 1, played by corcio
    Merlis Appleton, Gnome Wizard 1, played by Verbatim
    Valan Ceth, Human Cleric 2, played by LogicsFate
    Aazwen Shadewood, Elf Ranger 1, played by Swamptreader
    Throran, Elf Wizard 1, played by JonnyFive

    S series - Completed

    S1: The Strange Case of Aif Jenkins Farm (started 11/09/06 Completed 09/06/07)
    Father Eusebius Monk2/cleric2
    Juliana Hayes Psychic Warrior 5
    Boog Samas Psion 5
    Beamer Glittereye halfling sorcerer 4
    Banion Lorish halfling soulknife 4

    XP award #1
    25 XPs for Banion

    XP award #2
    1200 XPs for Juliana & Boog
    1240 XPs for Banion, Beamer & Eusebius

    XP award #3
    25 XPs to Banion for figuring out nature of enemy

    XP award #4
    Juliana & Eusebius: 4,728 XPs
    Beamer & Banion: 4,503 XPs
    Boog: 1,340 XPs

    XP award #5
    Juliana & Eusebius: 300 XPs
    Beamer & Banion: 250 XPs

    S2: War in Vastermarch. Started 06/10/07 Completed 11/11/08
    Featuring the cast from S1 plus:
    Rasereit Vundinn Dwarven Barbarian 4/Ftr 1
    Ogrin Brutalfist halfling Rog3/ftr2
    Nodis Thea human shaper 5
    Talbin 'Red' Longstrider halfling rogue 3

    XP award #1:
    Razh, Nodis and Ogrin: 2050 XPs
    Talbin: 2100 XPs

    XP Award #2
    Eusebius & Juliana - 2105
    Beamer, Banion, Ogrin, Nodis & Razh - 2300
    Talbin - 2465

    XP award #3

    S3: Scythe of Seto begun 11/28/07
    Father Eusebius Monk3/cleric3
    Beamer Glittereye halfling sorcerer 6
    Banion Lorish halfling soulknife 6
    Rasereit Vundinn Dwarven Barbarian 4/Ftr 1
    Ogrin Brutalfist halfling Rog3/ftr2

    XP award #1

    XP award #2

    XP award #3

    XP award #4 - beamer only - answers tough riddle.
    Final XP awards: Time & encounter

    Manzanita's NPCs:

    Jezibel (female human Rog6+) appeared in M1 & M2. Current whereabouts: unkown
    Tellish, Sangster & Lothar: male human assassins who escaped from Three Rings. Appeared in M3. Current location: killed in S3.
    Wimpell Frump (Illusionist 8) Appeared in M4. Now court wizard in Monemvassia
    Last edited by Manzanita; Friday, 20th February, 2009 at 05:22 AM.

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