A Ghastly Potpourri
A Ghastly Potpourri
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Daniel James Hanley

Game system(s): Ghastly Affair,
Line: Ghastly Affair,
Genre: Horror, Gothic, Romance, Historical,

Fri 23 March 2018
Daniel James Hanley, William Rutter,
PDF (120 pages)
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“A Ghastly Potpourri” is a miscellany for the Ghastly Affair RPG, and other dark OSR games.

GMs and players of any game set in the late-Georgian, Regency, French Revolutionary, and Napoleonic eras will also find much of interest, as will anyone gaming in the Gothic, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Weird Fantasy, Dreadpunk, Mannerpunk, Steampunk, or Austen-punk genres.

Inside you'll find:
* New Character Options, for more interesting Ghastly Affair PCs.
* Lists of Character Inspirations, from history and media.
* New Preternatural Effects and Weird Objects, to delight and terrify.
* Creatures and Adversaries, with stats for Ghastly Affair and other OSR games. Includes new re- imaginings of two classic OSR monsters.
* The Incarnations of Spiritual Powers, from Kubla Khan to The Queen of the Night.
* Random Tables, to inspire scenarios and dark adventures.

Plus, an original short story by William Rutter, author of the Ghastly Affair novel “Hunter's Song”.

Intended for Mature Readers.
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