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    "Pleased to meet you, Tisi. Let's not arrest anybody." Tara's little mote of light pulse, and she corrected herself. "Let's not arrest anybody just yet."

    She kept her eyes out for the creature, approaching it calmly and carefully, trying to identify it - or barring that, to at least get a good picture of it.

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    The head of the ship responds to your Comm ahh I honestly don't care. It's up to you. But, you're going to really make those kids sad if you kill it in front of them....

    The kids listen to your plea and the little girl begins to come around to your side. We can try. We'll keep it from running out of the room to make it easier. He's a friend, but he don't listen much!

    OOC: The kids will keep it cornered in a room, but you've got to catch or kill the creature. what happens next?

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    "If capture is a priority we'll need an energy cell and a cage," Tisi says in her quiet voice. Her head ticks to one side slightly, and she adds, "There is a problem. We do not know how large the cage should be."

    She focuses on the children.

    "How big is the creature?"

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    "A cage shouldn't be a problem once we know how big it is..." Tara gets on comms and begins doing mental math as to how much a cage will cost and how quickly it can be made out of assembler.

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