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Thread: Volcano stats?

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    There are different types and sizes of volcanoes. Some explode violently, some ooze lava almost peacefully, some are in between. Some are small, some can devastate a continent.

    My advice is to read up on it, get the basics down, then use whatever features works best for the plot
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    No stats required. In any direct confrontation the volcano wins.
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    A supervolcano can be devastating:


    anything but the wish, miracle or dozens of earthquake spells will not stop any active volcano.

    Cold damage spells could freeze and stop lava, but then you have just temporary measure as pressure rises inside lava tunnels until you get even worse eruption.

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    A good and simple primer on the scales of volcanic eruptions.

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    Here's a system agnostic resource to consult when adjudicating lava:


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    If the PCs don't take the hint and evacuate, you can do a Mount St. Helens and have the blast go sideways instead of straight up. They'll still get a lot of ash fallout, but at least they won't simply be blasted out of existence.

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    Think about secondary effects, too, and what sorts of side plots/stories/quests they can trigger.

    If the ash darkens the sky for weeks or months or even years, how are the drow or the mind flayers going to react? The former are no longer crippled outside the Underdark, and the latter have been trying to accomplish that goal for ages.

    What sorts of wars are going to start over resources, now that you're going to have at least one season where plants don't grow well and many of the water sources are choked with ash?

    How are people going to react on a religious level? Are large numbers going to turn against the gods for allowing this? Will others grow fanatical, trying to exterminate the people they believe drew down the gods' wrath?

    And so forth.

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