Modi and Magni --- Northman Brothers
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    Modi and Magni --- Northman Brothers

    Trying to work through a character idea . . . play as two brothers, inspired by the mythological Thor's sons, but probably ending up somewhere between Ragnar's boys on "Vikings" and the Asgardian shenanigans of "Thor: Ragnarok."

    Anyway . . . Magni is "Strength." That's easy enough . . . Fighter (Champion), max out his Strength, maybe give him a maul.

    Modi is "Courage." I'm thinking barbarian, where his "rage" is not the Hulking-out variety, but rather a Complete Lack of Craps.

    But what I need is a feat. Is there a 5E feat along the lines of "Fearless"?

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    Halflings have a racial trait that gives them advantage vs fear, but a Halfling barbarian isn't the greatest.

    You could play a Paladin, who can use Dex to attack and gets an aura at level 10 which makes them immune to fear.

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    You could almost argue that ruling by fear would be about the same as having infinite courage. I was thinking Oath of Conquest Paladin with the Menacing feat. You can either max Charisma or talk to your DM about letting you use the Intimidation from Str variant rule.

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    6th level barbarian berzerkers are immune to fear and charm while raging.

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