Heroes of Fate
Heroes of Fate
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Diabetic Fairy

Game system(s): Dungeons and Dragons 5e,
Genre: RPG,

Thu 03 May 2018
Chris Baia,
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Follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest powers Faerun has ever known!
Fight against never-before-seen forms of monsters, and maybe you'll collect an artifact that sheds new light the deities themselves.

This offering includes:

Four new classes, each themed around devotion to a deity or powerful creature: Acolyte of Bigby, Acolyte of Ilsensine, Acolyte of Malar, and Acolyte of Mystra
Ten sub-classes to customize your new class options
Three new spells
Two new monsters
Two new items, including the powerful artifact known as the Book of Fate!
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