I humbly call upon the collective wisdom of EN World and ask for enlightenment.

One of my players cannot continue to play in our weekly game session, for work reasons. He told me that he would be able to play once a month.

This guy has been part of the "core" group for years, and I wanted to find a way for him to continue playing with us. Missing players is something that happens once in a while (well, maybe more than once in a while, real life gets in the way of roleplaying) but this is the reverse. A missing player that will play once in a while.

How should I handle this?

I don't want to say to him "you can't play just once a month", although he would accept such decision as fair, and wouldn't be upset.

What I would like was to allow him to create a character that could pop in and out of the game.

Maybe he was cursed by the gods and now lives in some other character's item, like Aladdin's Genie. Maybe the curse allows him to come out during short periods of time. Hey, I kind of like this idea.

Any others?