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    Dain slid to a halt near the tree-man, his hand instinctively going to the hilt of his sword as it roared angrily at him in a strange and exotic tongue. He looked briefly at the dog, perhaps hoping for some clarification, but saw the same bewilderment there that he himself felt.

    What was this creature? Was it hostile? Well either way, it was very upset.

    Essithea! Is this some creature known to you, does it cast roots down into your realm?

    Dain searched his own mind for some knowledge of the creature. As he did so, he fingered the handle of his sword but did not draw it. Not yet.

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    Huh. Well, that was unexpected!

    Had they interrupted something trying to get its hands on a meal?

    "Think it's a wood elf? I've heard they're made of wood," Metea offered.

    Either way... what was the plan here? Were they going to fight to free the fox?

    "Could you put it down?" Metea asked, ever-so-sweetly.

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