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    "There that alt'ta hold," the halfling says after securing the window. Dusting off his hands a bit, he looks around...

    Perception: (1d20+2)[12]

    "Wonder where all these critters be hinding?"
    he asks nobody out loud.

    Investigation: (1d20-1)[17] walls looking for mouse holes and such.

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    "Food, it wants food," Olliver says quickly, hiding his great surprise that the raven decided to land on his shoulder. The halfling motions to Wendel to pass him some morsels to feed the bird.

    "And someone grab it before it decides to feast on my eyes, please."

    OOC: Not inside yet, but as soon as the raven is caught Olliver will enter the building. Perception: (1d20)[13]

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    Dangar will enter the tower and search for anything that might help contain or capture the animals.
    Perception 11
    Investigation 15

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