5e character died, may she rest in peace. Looking to roll up something new and fun
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    5e character died, may she rest in peace. Looking to roll up something new and fun

    Howdy howdy friendos! So my character died, blessed be her eternal soul. She was a Hexblade Warlock 2/Divine Soul Sorcerer 6, and she was perfect. Solid healer, respectable damage output, and damned near unkillable until the DM made me trade out Shield for something else (I'll miss you 25 AC!). Long story short she got vaporized in a nuclear explosion. I'm still mourning.

    But the show must go on, and I'm going to roll up something new and exciting. I like characters with lots of fiddly bits. I like buttons, and spells, and options, and being able to do different things based on my situation. Right now the party is:

    Tiefling Lore Bard, focus on debuffing spells
    Human Samurai Fighter, murder charge machine
    Human Grave Cleric, token healer
    Wood Elf Evocation Wizard, blaster
    Drow Gloom Stalker Ranger, pew pew
    Gnome Arcane Trickster Rogue, mostly utility, still does good damage though

    As you can see it's a pretty big party, and its a pretty squishy party too. I was thinking of rolling up a Battlemaster Fighter 3/??? Paladin 5 with polearm master for lots of solid, fun melee options and being decently hard to kill. Is this a viable build? Bare in mind I'm not looking to turbo optimize. I just want to make sure I'm not going to be a giant hindrance as well. Looking forward to hearing opinions! Oh, and if you've got any ideas for a different built altogether I'm not completely set in stone on this one so feel free to pitch it to me!

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    Point buy or rolled stats?

    A Paladin/ Fighter Battle Master would be great. You'd get 2 Fighting Styles and would easily have an AC of 19. Which Pally Oath would you be interested in? I've been anxious to play Oath of Conquest.

    I think a Swashbuckler/Paladin build be a lot of fun too. You wouldn't HAVE to be a Dex build but I probably would do it anyway. You'd only lose 1 AC

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    Point buy, and no restriction on how many books we can pull from. I'm not sure on the oath. There's a lot of good ones to choose from. Most of them are super solid. I was leaning towards Oath of Vengeance, I think. Oh Swashbuckler/Paladin looks like a lot of fun actually. I'd never even considered pairing the two of them together. Sneak Attack and Smite can really bring the hurt on someone, for sure. I'm not sure its worth giving up the superiority dice and Action Surge for it though. I'm definitely jotting it down for "future character concepts". That's actually too cool to not play at some point.

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