Scout looking for love
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    Scout looking for love

    I am planning on playing a Tabaxi Rogue (scout) in an upcoming game. I am looking to multi-class to help increase versatility/flavor/what have you and was looking at either fighter (arcane archer) or ranger (hunter or gloom stalker). Which of the 3 options work out best?

    I plan on rocking that longbow and firing away from range.
    We will be rolling stats but if I had to use standard array I would do something like this:

    S - 8
    D - 14+2
    C - 10
    I - (12 or 15) (higher Int if arcane archer)
    W - (15 or 12) (higher wis for rangers no question, higher int for arcane archer)
    C - 13+1

    Also, my DM will switch between investigation and perception for trap finding and occasionally uses arcana for magical traps.

    Only official published material allowed (Including revised ranger sadly).

    I would appreciate any input on which m/c route would be best. I am looking to be a great skill monkey (plan on taking charlatan background).

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    The best way to improve your damage as a Rogue is to find ways to attack during your opponent's turns, since Sneak Attack can be used once on each creature's turn. The best way to force that to happen is to Multiclass fighter(Battle Master) and take the Riposte Maneuver, which gives you a free OA against a creature that misses you. However, it's melee only. Of the three options you've presented, I'd say Fighter(Arcane Archer) is the best, due mostly to the strength of the fighter class. Action Surge is a great ability.

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    I am definitely looking to stay ranged.

    One thought I had was how bad is it to lose Blindsense and Slippery mind to dip 6 levels of Fighter on top of 3 levels of ranger for Gloomstalker.

    If I can surprise enemies and go before he bad guys, I could get an alpha strike of 6 attacks with hunters mark. The damage would look something like this:

    6d8 = 27 (8 attacks, 3 from fighter, 1 from gloomstalker since first turn of combat, then action surge to double it)
    2d8 = 9 (extra damage on bonus attacks from gloomstalker)
    6d6 = 21 (Hunter's mark)
    6d6 = 21 (Sneak attack)
    Dex = 30 (dex bonus)
    SS = 60 (sharp shooter)

    A total of 78 variable damage and 90 static damage, for a total of 168 avg damage (not taking into account miss chance).

    I know it can get even crazier if you switch rogue and fighter level allocation and go assassin where the average damage would be over 200 normally and could reach 287 taking into account assassinate.

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