FROM BEYOND - First Strike Ep.3
FROM BEYOND - First Strike Ep.3
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Game system(s): Starfinder Ruleset,
Line: FROM BEYOND Adventure Path,
Genre: Science Fiction,

Sun 01 July 2018
Davide Tramma,
Hardcover, Softcover, PDF (60 pages)
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In this episode the PCs have reached safely the Cerberus station and successfully saved the whole crew. They have the chance to study the artifact retrieved on the underground plant and, depending on the choices made in From Beyond - DESCENT Ep.2 they probably came back with some unexpected allies. A couple of creepy events occurs on board and the PCs, possibly aided by the NPCs from the previous episode, have to solve them. On of these events include "someone" (or something?) related to From Beyond - DISTRESS CALL Ep.1, and if the PCs have been careful they could sove the problem and eventually turn the situation for better. Everything is going fine (more or less) until the subroutine launches a massive strike, the first strike begins! The PCs are involved in a deadly space battle between them (the Cerberus, the NPCs and the crew) and a swarm of enemies. It will be time to make difficult choices, probably old mates and innocents will die, but they must survive to warn the Federation.
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