High Elf Divine Soul Blessed of Zandilar
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    High Elf Divine Soul Blessed of Zandilar

    Name: Varis Zandilar

    Race: Elf

    Subrace: High Elf (Blessed of Corellon, Moon Elf)

    Class: Sorcerer

    Origin: Divine Soul

    Affinity: Chaos

    Stats: 15 Charisma (+2), 14 Dexerity (+2), 14 Intelligence (+2), 10 Strength, 8 Wisdom (-1), 14 Constitution (+2).

    Supernatural Mark: Blue Skin (same Shade as Zandilar)

    Sign of Sorcery: Illusionary manifestation of Zandilar's will appears briefly near him when using any magical ability.

    Background: Acolyte

    Equiptment: Holy Symbol, a prayer book, 5 sticks of essence, vestments, a set of common cloths, two daggers, arcane focus: crystal (amber from the Yuirwood), shortbow, 20 arrows, quiver, belt pouch containing 3 gold pieces, dungeoneering pack, short sword, globe of water with steam punk fish swimming around in it (a gift from his father who found it during a trip to Skullport).

    Deity: Zandilar (Sharess)

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Feats: Ritual Caster: Wizard (at 4th level), later on Fey Teleportation, +2 Charisma, +2 Charisma, War Caster.

    Cantrips: Control Fire, Firebolt, Minor Illusion, Shape Water, Guidance.

    Spells: 1st level: Bane, Healing Word, Ceremony

    Proficiencies: Long Swords, Short Swords, Short Bow, Longbow, Light Crossbow, Quarter Staffs, Daggers, Darts, Slings, Insight, Religion, Persuasion, History, Perception, Constitution & Charisma saves.

    Languages: Elvish, Common, Mulhorandi, Alzhedo, Gith.

    Features: Darkvision, Trance, Keen Senses, Fey Ancestory, Blessed of Corellon (twisted by the Shard of Zandilar's Essence), Wizard Cantrip: Shape Water, Elven Weapon Prof, Sorcerer Spellcasting, Divine Magic, Favor of the Gods.

    Varis was born in Waterdeep to a Moon Elf father and a Deva (in elf form) mother who was created from Zandilar's (Sharess) divine essence. He was born completely Elven, but with a strange twist, his skin is the same blue as the Goddess Zandilar's skin.

    His mother was banish back to the outer plans by an angry wizard and he was raised by his father. His father decided Varis should take Zandilar as his family name as his father was an orphan who wasn't familiar with his family history. When Varis hit puberty he started seeing Zandilar, or at least a shard of her essence in his soul during trance.

    This aspect of Zandilar taught him how to use his magic and how to change his physical sex by allowing her to take over his body during Trance (she always returns it to him).

    She also taught Mulhorandi, Alzhedo (Common and Elvish he learned from his father along with weapons, and Gith from his Githyanki step mom).

    Varis is very masculine and does not concider the female form of his body as his, but rather a host for the Goddess Zandilar.

    Normally Varis only commicates with Zandilar in trance, but he hears her in his mind when he casts Guidance. Eventually she will also teach him Sylvan language and how to misty step. He will learns the basics of Wizard Rituals from his step mom in the future.

    Flaw: Varis is very self conscious about his blue skin and it bothers him when he gets confused with a Drow or Winter Eladarin. Can be manipulative even with God.

    Bond: His Zandilar (the Shard of Zandilar's Essence in his soul)

    Ideal: Power, he enjoys it, but he offsets his manipulative behavior by moments of genersity.

    Personality Trait: Talks to Zandilar out loud, sometimes makes people wonder about his sanity.
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