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So next session will be more or less the battle for Gallo´s Fend. I will start with sending the PCs out to eliminate the war magician Kelkin the night before the battle starts. I decided against sending them to sabotage the war engines because I think that two black ops missions in one night might be a bit too much. Over the course of the day they will, if they decide to join the battle directly, be attacked by three waves of enemies. That´s the plan at least.
First wave will be Steppengard Knights and Troll(s), second wave will be Brakken, Soldiers and Commander and third wave will be Soldiers, Knights and Bowmen (in order to lure them out of the battleline). In the night Gallo will send them on the mission to attack Königsmarschall Malkan and to turn the tides of the otherwise lost battle.

Now I am looking for ideas to spice up the three waves during the battle with some objectives the PCs have to achieve á la Red Hand of Doom. Something like "secure a portion of the wood to prevent the enemy to come through", etc. You see, I am not very creative at the moment. Do you have some ideas for objectives during the battle?
Thanks in advance!
You may want to play it by ear on whether you run both sabotage missions. My group easily handled the assassination and took a short rest before the sabotage. They stocked up on oil and alchemist's fire before the missions and used those to successfully burn the 3 catapults (barely getting everyone out). Also, a catapult could wreck their lines with a few lucky shots (and is worth negative victory points).

A word of caution with drawing the heroes out from the lines: they should still be using the other squads to their advantage and absorbing the enemy forces with them even if they advance beyond the chevaux de frise. Single heroes confronting squads on their own is probably a bad idea; the squads hit hard.