4E Fluffing powers: love, moon, trickery
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    Fluffing powers: love, moon, trickery

    This is kind of an odd request for this forum: sort of a reverse optimization, a willingness to compromise some on overall optimization in favor of flavor.

    Recently, I've been revisiting an old build of a Cleric/Warlord Templar of Sehanine, built from an optimization perspective, and thinking about powers that lend themselves to refluffing with regards to the flavor of the deity's domains of love, moon, and trickery. But many of the powers that readily lend themselves in this regard (Channel Divinity and the like) suck mechanically, leading me into this call for aid. Currently, the build has the powers listed below. But are there other powers that would reflect the deity's domains more flavorfully that I'm overlooking, perhaps with a simple refluff, while maintaining the relative effectiveness of the PC?

    Level 1: Sonnlinor's Hammer, Direct the Strike, Vengeance Is Mine, Templar’s Fist, Moment of Glory
    Level 2: Sacrificial Aegis
    Level 3: Death Surge
    Level 5: Inspire Fervor
    Level 6: Dragon’s Tenacity
    Level 7: Fettering Glare
    Level 9: Imperious Gaze
    Level 10: Tactical Orders

    EDIT: Conversely, am I going about this the wrong way, thinking that the class powers are key to flavor? Are there truly useful feats, items, etc. that might go a long way to lending the feel of a character who is a servant of the goddess of love, the moon, and trickery?
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    Hmm...this is discussing different fluffing powers than I was searching for.
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