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I think you misunderstood what I meant maybe or maybe not.

it might mean you want to take the long haul if you have high CON... but does that mean you can always choose to do so?

It means you do athletics better when you can repeat and retry and take a longer time to finish ... generally where failures are allowed.

Something allowing few or no repeats requires the precision.

Something time dependent needs bursts of performance.

I actually thought of advantage working that way... ie when you are at a disadvantage you are forced to use a less favored method.
I think the answer is, if you have high CON you are good at CON-based stuff, which is going to, narratively, be stuff which requires a lot of endurance, strong health, or something similar. You would probably use the Survival skill a lot, picking solutions to problems which engage that skill whenever possible. You could also pick up Survival keyed Practices which allow you to recontextualize other narratives as leveraging your high CON/Survival check value (IE you might move very rapidly over a long distance, which is equivalent in plot terms to a teleport or flight, or you might survive very harsh conditions vs quaffing a protection potion, etc.).