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    Quote Originally Posted by Riley37 View Post
    Getting all of a mountaineering team to the summit, alive, is totally an occasion for high-fives all around.
    I'll keep this in mind if I ever find myself on a mountaineering team.

    Quote Originally Posted by Riley37 View Post
    Some people enjoy playing heroic PCs, in the sense of mature people who overcome significant obstacles to accomplish worthy goals, or who perish in the attempt. Others would rather play PCs who get each other killed, with "hold my beer and watch this" on the tombstone. It's a matter of personal preference.
    It was none of the above in the case of our barbarian & my 1/2lings mis-adventures with a phantom feast. The rest of the party were only about 60'-90' away from us.
    We very often spread out a bit if just generally searching rather than standing all clumped up in one spot & relying upon whomever has the highest Investigation to learn everything. So the barbarian opening another door at the edge of my light isn't anything new.
    My 1/2lings reaction to food? Already well established. Of course she'll "investigate" it. My 1/2lings fleeing actual monsters reach? Also well established behavior. It's not my fault the barbarian had poo for reaction speed & got ganked by wraiths in under 12 seconds....
    Of course Bree feels bad that the barbarian got killed. But his quick death perfectly validates running away from wraiths!

    Out of character? Nobody was particularly fussed about the barbarian getting killed. Not even his player. We were playing our characters. It was those little round bastards we refer to as d20s that had it in for that character that particular session. It just worked out that wraiths killed him & in a way that provides a humorous retelling.
    And? It's only a game.
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    I haven't pushed the DIE button lately, but I remember a room full of acid barrels which was probably more entertaining for the
    DM than for us. Of course, we didn't know it was acid in the barrels, till too late, and we all got... ...burned...

    ... not quite OMGWTFBBQPWNED, but the expedition was in retreat, as soon as we cleared the room.

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