[DND 4E] Wrote an adventure, need feedback!
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    [DND 4E] Wrote an adventure, need feedback!

    Hey all!

    To preface this post: Hvis du er en af mine spillere (E, Siggi, Simon, Soeron, Andreas) så kig lige væk, ikke?

    Now that that's out of the way... It's my turn to DM our group's next adventure, and as such I've made one and written it down. It's neither amazing nor actually 100% finished (missing at least 1 fight's mechanics and monsters as well as treasure for the final encounter), but I'd appreciate any and all feedback and/or ideas you might come up with.

    I'm no stranger to DM'ing, with varying degrees of succes, but you can always learn something new and the way DM imagines things might not be readily apparent to outsiders or players, thus... I need your help!

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Forgot to link the damn thing... It's here

    Disclaimer: This is not intended for commercial purposes, and, for an example, the images are shamelessly stolen from, well... somewhere, not sure. It's just for my own sake, maybe for player illustration.
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    Great job

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    Fantastic work. Solid plot, not predictable, good monster variety, and the scenario takes into account multiple choices that the players may explore. I also really like the twist of the city returning to its actual decayed state once the illusion is lifted.

    I think a map of the city may be useful, and maybe the temple itself could use some height differences. Especially for rooms in which combat is expected, I think a more detailed lay out would be handy to prepare. I always feel it helps to think about what combat in a room is going to look like, and to design the room for that purpose.

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