Have you guys seen Jared Blando's maps?
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    Have you guys seen Jared Blando's maps?

    Full disclosure, I'm writing this as a friend, fan, and a backer of Jared Blando's Patreon, but more important I'm writing this as a DM who has discovered some of the best, most intricate maps I've ever seen created for fantasy RPGs. I have not been sent here by him, nor am I in any way being compensated to post this. As a matter of fact, he doesn't even know I'm doing this, I'm just hoping to help out a friend in need. I hope this doesn't run afoul of any rules here and if it does, I'm sorry, I'll take this post down.

    Mr. Blando has been making amazing maps on his Patreon for a little over a year now, but seems to be having trouble getting his Patreon to pick up steam. I'm hoping that by writing this, I can maybe give him a little boost. He deserves it. Even though you've likely never heard of his name before, you've definitely seen his work as he's created numerous maps for WotC's D&D 5e supplements, Volo's Guide to Monster's for example. The Sword Coast map being another. I'll post a couple examples below.

    So if you have time and enjoy amazing full color maps, give it a look. Maybe you'll like it enough to back. Thanks for listening, guys.


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    The Sword Coast map looks great, but the dungeon maps are way too busy for my taste.

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    Not all of them are that busy. Thanks for giving it a look anyway. The maps usually have a guide that goes along with them describing what each and every thing represented is supposed to be. They're basically an adventure module, but done completely on a map.

    If you wanted to see more, you could go to his website and see what I mean.

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