climbs out of a sewer system and stops an oncoming car by pointing a (broken) gun at it... asks the driver to "open the door"... at which the driver flees... the paladin jumps into the car and takes off the wrong way down a one way street... misses a couple head-on collisions... pulls into an alleyway and loses the copter that's following him just long enough to jump out of the car and into a dumster...


1) The paladin had earlier had the rest of the party killed by the combined attack of a troll and pair of stag beetles... He used an incendary grenade to burn the bodies of his companions in order that they not be "eaten" by the local flora/fauna
2) He made sure to take the 3,000 credits off of his fallen comrade, while forgetting about the frag and concussion grenades on their corpses belts. Needless to say there was a nice little explosion that buried the alcove he had placed them in...
3) He was in a "hot zone"... ie there were a lot of baddies around that could smell the corpses... and were coming his way.
4) The paladin was in fact trying to complete a mission for his superiors, however he got spotted while trying to gain a sample of "a substance" they wanted... thus his escape into the sewers.

So... my question is:

What should I do with him?

... part of me wants to say... good job!
... the other part wants to say... you are sooooo.... not a paladin anymore!

Any comments, rants, suggestions...


PS: He's still in the dumpster... he rolled a nat 20! on his hide check and the heat from the dumpster hides his heat signature...!