PF2 So how about that PF2 Barbarian?
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    So how about that PF2 Barbarian?

    A little late, I know, but I had been hoping someone else would start a thread about it first.

    So, the PF2 Barbarian looks awesome. I love that Rage is tied to a fatigue mechanic instead of an arbitrarily limited duration and/or number of uses. The short duration is something I wouldnít have thought of, but I actually really like. It feels more like an angry outburst instead of a full-on Berzerker battle trance. And I really like the sort of cyclical nature of it, where the Barbarianís performance spikes for a few turns, then dips for a turn, then spikes again. Works nicely with the temp HP you get at the start of the rage, giving you like a little overshield that recovers once every cycle. I like that MC Barbarians who have spells can cast them in rage as long as they donít require concentrate actions.

    Totems are really neat, although based on the description I wonder if there might not be a better term for them. I once played a barbarian in a Conan-like setting who was supposed to be afraid of magic, but it never felt relevant, and ultimately that part of the characterís personality ended up getting discarded. I would have loved something like the Superstition Totem, where she could have got powerful anti-magic abilities as long as she refused to let her spellcasting allies cast buff spells on her. And I love that animal totems sound like they eventually allow the Barbarian to turn into the animal. Iíve toyed around with MC Barbarian/Druids to get that effect, but it never felt satisfying. This seems to resolve that issue. And the Rage totem is a smart way to give players who just want to play a straightforward angry beat stick without Anathema or magical abilities.

    Seeing Amiri with a bow really excites me. Iíve long wanted to make a bow-wielding Barbarian, but it has always felt super janky. Hereís hoping this is a sign it will be a viable option in 2e. Also, in the comments it came up that her Giant Totem is what allows her to wield oversized weapons. That also sounds super fun.

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    The cycles of rage is an intriguing proposal
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    I wonder how the temporary hit points will match up to the Fighters Shield ability. I guess it will depend how long the fight goes and how many shields the Fighter has.

    Still I have a soft spot for my Pouncing Barbarian so it will be interesting to see if that translates to PF2.

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    I like the totems. It gives them a nice niche beyond "angry fighter", and it's the first time I ever wanted to play barbarian.

    Both the dragon and the anti-magic ones.

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