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    OOC: Lathir had already agreed to assist Respen on his mandatory quests. I know of no necessary preparations other than memorizing spells.
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    Margull grins at Respen's cold declaration, "My dear Respen, you should ask your little friend Tam here, whether or not he thinks that's a good idea. The actions that you propose could very well start an invisible, private war amongst the guilds. We do not yet know the extent of the Brotherhood's influence. Now is the time for gathering information, not for stirring the pot."
    Tam speaks up, first looking at Respen; then, looking to all:

    "Respen, Friend Sylvar, everyone...Margull speaks correctly. There would be a massive clandestine war between every guildhall in Dyvers that would spread all over. Not Just Greyhawk City, either; but, also to Furyondy, and the other realms and kingdoms surrounding Dyvers. Worse, every guild would also have an internal feud. Everyone would distrust everyone else within their own guilds and pure anarchy would abound. Not that in my profession this would necessarily be a bad thing...at first; but even a rogue knows that, eventually, nothing would get made, crafted, built and the quality of liftable goods wouldn't be worth the burgling, and the empty purses of fat merchants and guildsmen wouldn't be worth the nicking."

    Still looking around at everyone:

    "There are those in high guild positions, after this night, who are realizing that they have been duped, and are either destroying the evidence of their being played as gulls, pawns and dupes, or are readying to go after the ones who duped them, themselves. I did what I did for someone who had found himself duped; but wanted the embarrassment of it all covered up. Then, he would handle it...our way."

    Tamartamlin blushes a little at the last statement:

    "I see some of you are looking a bit shocked at this admission of, what is it you call it Lord Mayor? --- Aiding and Abedding?; but, I assure you, I had no idea it involved the hated Scarlet Brotherhood...nor do I believe Palimov did when he was drawn into this "organization". That's why, when it was revealed to him as to what was afoot, he commanded me to perform the assassination attempt on the Doppleganger."

    Tam then addresses Lord Margull:

    "You, sir, have asked of our services to retrieve certain 'lost' articles, as has nearly every guild and church in this city. So, even though we have, shall we say 'bent', the laws of the land, and shrunk your assets from time to time, we have a particular skill set that you have all desired and required of our guild and its members. Thus, I say,"

    Tam looks for Palimov, but seeing he wasn't in the room, he forges forward, not caring whether he gets Pamilov's approval or not...

    "Here we are, at your service, for the right price of course. Our guild can seek out and eliminate these infiltrators, but under the table, as it were, not in an open pogrom."

    At this, Tam ends his speech/sales pitch, waiting for a reply, whether of recrimination or affirmation.
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    Lathir Takes an Interest

    Quote Originally Posted by Waynan View Post
    Tam speaks up, first looking at Respen; then, looking to all:

    "Respen, Friend Sylvar, everyone...Margull speaks correctly. There would be a massive clandestine war between every guildhall in Dyvers that would spread all over..."
    Lathir gives a quiet deep chuckle. "Well done Little Man. Well done. I am often accused of refusing to mince words, cutting to the quick, for I choose truth over vanity."

    "I could not have conveyed such in better terms if had tried. This particular note you emphasized first is paramount in the speech, for the results could not play better into the hands of our mostly unknown corruptors. Before a strong enemy can be conquered, it must be undermined from within so that the infighting and distrust that results engenders a quick defeat from without."

    "I propose that we keep the bulk of this new information to ourselves as a boon against our enemies knowledge of ourselves. It will allow us to more effectively pursue our enemy without tipping our hand."

    "If it be deemed odd to incur the involvement of a druid such as myself, let me clarify that this is a considerable disruption of harmony, a poisoning of the well that maintains the balance of society."
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    Duncan & Company :

    At some point when the question is posed as to rather or not Duncan and Ebony as the Heads of The Moore Company would accept Lady Abigails offer of patron-ship.
    "My lady speaking on behalf of Dame Moore as well, our direct loyalty is already pledged to another. But in worldly and spiritual manners, but we feel it an honor to be given such an offer. You should consider yourself a friend of the Moore company, and as such should you need our security services we would offer a significant discount should you hire the company for specific tasks. We would happily accept any such offers of employment as long as they do not conflict with the previous noted prior allegiances we have."


    As for marching on the steading once more.
    "I would once again offer the services of my company if it is your desire to march on the steading once more. I can have a platoon of soldiers whistled up in short order. Should you require a larger or more powerful force, that will take time and resources to drum up but it could be done. Leading them in the field would be my pleasure should we agree to adequate compensation."
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    Important Dates:

    Downtime Began:
    Patchwall 23, C.Y. 963

    Dewydd's Party / Interrogation of Brotherhood Operatives:
    Reaping 03, C.Y. 964

    Birth of Respen & Nel's Twins @ Abigail's Tower:
    Reaping 05, C.Y. 964

    Sylvar's Journey to the City of Dane (via Teleport):
    Reaping 19, C.Y. 964
    (Respen helps cast the spell, but does not go with him.)
    Collin accompanies Sylvar on his trip to the temple.

    3 Days of Feasting (Temple in Dane):
    Reaping 20,21, and 23, C.Y. 964

    Sylvar's Ceremony (Temple in Dane):
    Reaping 24, C.Y. 964

    Sylvar Returns (via Succor Disc) to Abigail's Tower:
    Reaping 25, C.Y. 964

    Clare's Mental Message to Respen:
    Goodmonth 11, C.Y. 964

    Abigail's Report to the Party (Pallender's Findings):
    Goodmonth 13, C.Y. 964

    Downtime Officially Ends:
    Goodmonth 22, C.Y. 964

    What The Solar Said (Everyone Can Read This; Hidden For Post Brevity.)

    Lastly, the Solar points out, “As a parting gift, all of the items you were planning to take from the ground level of this place are now within the confines of your magical pit, including the contents of Vulka’s and Delliak’s hidden treasure chests. There is still more treasure below, in the cellar, but you will need to wrest the master key from the Troll Lord’s grasp, if you hope to claim it. You now have 10 minutes or so before the Orcs are upon you. Uller wishes you well, in whichever endeavor you decide to pursue. Know that sometime within the next year, you must visit his temple in The Great Kundarian Seameast, in the city of Dane. There will you undergo the purification ritual. In the meantime, know that Uller has invested you with special powers, powers which you will begin to discover over the next few weeks. Use these powers in fulfillment of his greater glory. You are the chosen one, the one among Frey’s people, who is destined to unite the three shattered tribes. Your life shall be long, and your glories great.”

    When Sylvar arrives at the temple in Dane, he is amazed. The layout and decor of the temple are in the ancient style, and walking into this place is like stepping back over a thousand years into the past. The floors are polished granite, as is the ceiling, and the walls are smooth sandstone, which have been carved with thousands upon thousands of intricate runes, which the priests explain as being the chronicle of this temple over the last fifteen centuries, since its founding and dedication. They explain that the temple stands upon consecrated ground, and that the walls are enchanted to remain strong and clean, so that the temple's story shall be preserved for all time. The temple is huge, the main worship area being 120 feet wide, and over 500 feet long. The ceilings are vaulted, ranging from 12 to 60 feet in height. The areas behind the temple, where the priests have their residence, are massive as well, albeit without the vaulted ceilings. The temple is filled with massive torches, which adorn the hundreds of columns, providing light and warmth, proof against the continual winter conditions outside. Grated vents in the ceiling allow all of the smoke to escape. Massive wooden beams reinforce the ceiling's superstructure.

    At the Northern end of the worship area is a raised dais and a massive granite altar. There are two rows of massive wooden pews, and in the middle of the worship area, is a clearing, where stands a massive feasting table, used for special feasts of religious significance. The table looks to be capable of seating 102 people; 1 at each head, and 50 on each side.

    The priests greet Sylvar, and welcome him to the temple, showing him to his quarters, before telling the handmaidens to escort him to the bathing pool. Nothing sexual ensues, as this whole endeavor is aimed at Sylvar's purification. The handmaidens help to bathe him, not only with lye and warm water, but also with scented oils, and specially prepared mud, along with various herbs and fruits which have been mashed into a pulpy paste. The whole process takes almost two hours; when the bath is complete, Sylvar feels cleaner and more refreshed than he has ever felt in his entire life. The priests give him purple silk robes and fine, brown leather slippers to wear while in the temple; the clothes are a great fit, and are very comfortable. Sylvar is then led around the temple, and given the grand tour.

    That evening, there is a great feast in Sylvar's honor, which to Sylvar's surprise, lasts the entire evening, until midnight, pausing for eight hours, before beginning again; and this pattern continues for the next two days! Over the course of that time, Sylvar spends all of his daytime hours in celebration, feasting, drinking, dancing, and sparring. His nights are spent in a restful state, and he notices that the combination of activities expends sufficient energy so as to prevent him from feeling gorged and/or bloated. The days are exhausting, resulting in deep, restful sleep over the course of the night.

    On the 4th day, after 3 days of celebration, Sylvar is initiated into the church of Uller, in a ceremony that lasts for eight hours. During the ceremony, Sylvar spends 2 hours chanting and praying, but the rest of the time is spent performing challenges that test his strength, endurace, willpower, and fighting prowess. The culmination is an archery contest, in which Sylvar barely edges out the temple's high priest, to win highest honors. Afterwards, the priest informs him that his victory was foreseen, and that Uller's blessing now rests upon him, his victory in the contest ensuring his place as Uller's chosen champion.

    After a night of much-needed rest, Sylvar returns to Hochoch the next day, via a Succor Disc that the priest had prepared in advance. Sylvar appears on the road, about a mile outside the city, and he and Collin enjoy a leisurely walk back to Abigail's tower.

    On the 13th day of the following month, Pallender Nightwind returns to Lady Abigail's tower, and reports his findings to her. The party is present for the meeting, and Abigail tells him to hold nothing back, saying that the party are her trusted agents, and should know all of the details of his report.

    Pallender says, "My Lady, the deizens of the fort have been hard at work. I managed to get inside the ground level of the fort and have a look around. There are three Drow priestesses there, all sisters, who wield tremendous power. All of the dead Giants have been raised as Zombies. The ground has been consecrated with some sort of ward, I'm not sure what its function is, but I suffered no ill effects while walking around. They have also raised Nosnra, Delliak, and Kraven, restoring them completely to life, only to then put them through a ritual which disfigured them horribly; they are all now giant-sized Driders, a punishment for their failure in the battle."

    Abigail frowns, clearly worried about this turn of events. She nods at Pallender, and he continues.

    Pallender goes on to say, "Vulka was restored to life as well, but her will is not her own, and her bodily form has been greatly altered; she is merely a vessel now, a physical, worldly apparatus for the spirit of a great demoness; her torso now has 6 limbs, each of which wield deadly, demonic-looking blades. Her legs are now gone, and in their place, the body of a massive snake. A friend of mine knowledgeable in such lore says that she is now a type of demon known as a Marilith. She was frightening to behold! I must admit, though I was safe in ethereal form, her cold voice made me tremble with fear."

    Abigail gasps in astonishment. Pallender holds up his index finger, politely indicating that she should allow him to continue.

    Pallender continues, "I overheard them talking strategy. The Drow Mage known as Glimval, and his lover, the Giantess Bard known as Varnella, are still in charge of raids, and the plan is to use a small band comprised of Hill Giants, Troll Warriors, and Bugbears. The main level of the Steading is being guarded by the Giant Zombies, which is a good move on their part, since such sentries never look away and never tire. Assaulting that place will prove to be a formidable task, for there are no battle tactics which can succeed against a foe who can not be distracted or discouraged. All of the living residents of the place, Giant, Troll, and Bugbear alike, all live on the basement level now. Nothing living stirs on the ground level."

    According to Pallender, the total combined forces of the Steading can be summarized as follows:

    18 Troll Warriors, 1 Troll Shaman, 1 Troll Chief
    3 Stone Giant Miners (Don't appear to be fighting types)
    Varnella, The Beautiful Giantess (Bard)
    6 Hill Giants (Well armed / armored, as before)
    16 Hill Giant Zombies
    1 Bugbear Captain
    4 Bugbear Lieutenants
    47 Bugbear Warriors
    Glimval The Dark (Drow Wizard)
    3 Female Drow Clerics (Cyndalla, Morienne, and Lorella)
    Delliak (Giant Drider)
    Kraven (Giant Drider)
    Nosnra (Giant Drider)
    Vulka (Giant Marilith)

    EVERYONE: What do you want to do?
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