Hi gang,

How do you handle travel in your campaigns? The characters in my campaign are currently on the road for what will take slightly over 10 days, with no interruptions. I have no major events planned for the trip, it is just a matter of getting them from point A to point B. Do you fast-forward past this type of travel, or do you select a few choice encounters to use along the trip, or do you play it out in its entirety?

I have En Route, from Atlas, and it is a great source of ideas, as is Toolbox from AEG, but I mainly want the trip to pass so we can get on with the adventure. However, I don't want the the group to start thinking that they can just travel any where they want and not face any dangers while on the road, but our gaming time is very precious, so some advice would be appreciated.

I should also mention that a 5-day stretch of their travel is over unconquered wildlands, where orcs are known to roam.