[Starfinder] Complete alternate Starship construction and combat rules
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    [Starfinder] Complete alternate Starship construction and combat rules

    Everyone has his own Starfinder Starship Rules Rewrite!
    Here's my own. Features:

    - Much needed weapons rebalance and overhaul, with more interesting properties - and descriptions!
    - Rescaled damage (and hp/shields) to base Light Laser = 1d4, to eliminate pointless rolling fistful of dice and doing lengthy sums. Also ships and shields are less sturdy. We don't need the fight to last LONGER.
    - Revamped more detailed criticals, also shield hit critical overload shields
    - Nerfed shield boost/rebalance actions
    - Changed many actions, simplified DCs again (they're all 15+1.5T, no DC5 unfailable checks with trivial effects anymore)
    - Better Scan actions with options (structural, energy, bio, tactical), leverages Knowledge checks, because their Science Officer... was a computer guy.
    - Starship computer hacking rules (long to pull off, though) and counterhacking
    - Adviser role, for your Envoy pleasure
    - Mystical Officer role, that can perform magical scanning and spells (really, why wouldn't they implement an arcane detection action in a space fantasy game??)
    - Ship now has a basic throttle setting; speed does not modify piloting; effect on targeting represented by the Still setting and Evade at full speed
    - Added actual large crew limit rule (otherwise say hello to the 40-engineers destroyer?)
    - Added ramming rule (yeah, unrealistic, but every group will want those eventually. And Space Pirates)
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    TWo more things planned:

    * Adding faction/race/factory -specific features. I understand the space issues, but it's a real issue with the ship designs. They have great pictures, great write-ups, and very bland and irrelevant stats, sometimes wholly contradictory.
    I have started some, especially for Eoxians, Shirrens etc.

    * More class-specific actions for those that aren't space skill monkeys and are therefore not using their build.

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    Here are four ship examples. May contain minor spoiler for Into the Unknown and Dead Suns.

    ATech ODYSSEY (Tier 4 – DC21)
    A common Abadarian design, widely used for medium-range courier and colonization duty in troublesome sectors.
    The Starfinder Society commissioned this unit to act as a Q-ship, sent to distant locations for undercover study.
    Part of the cargo area has been modified by AbadarCorp to accommodate a concealed missile launcher. Because of the power draw from the lab and sensors, the ship’s usual deterrent - a forward laser cannon - had to be equipped with step-down converters. The Coilguns are not linked: they are meant to be fired one at a time, while the other recharges.

    Medium Transport (30HP; Crit 6) – Turn 2
    Core: Pulse Gray Thrusters: M8 Drift engine: Signal Basic (1X)
    Armor: Mk4 (AC14) Defenses: Mk2 (TL12) Shields: 32 (regen 3)
    Computer: Mk1 Trinode Hybrid Sensors: basic long-range Hybrid (+2; 20)
    Crew: 1-6 (Good)
    Bays: Escape pods (6 creatures); Science lab (+1 life and physical); Arcane lab (+1 Mysticism); extra Core (Micron Light); cargo holds (2)
    AbadarCorp design: concealed weapons; extra cargo; -2 defenses against scanning
    Forward Light Laser (Range 15; 1d4)
    Forward concealed Missile launcher (Range 15; Speed 14; 1d12; Limited 5)
    Aft Laser net (Range 10 max; 1d4; Point defense +2)
    Concealed turret with dual Coilguns (Range 10; 1d6 mass; Recharge)

    Norikama LAWBLIGHT (Tier 2+ – DC18)
    This is a Norikama Syndicate scaled-down copy of an old Dashadz medical frigate design. It retains the Vesk-style maneuvering fins and good armor, but it mounts an Arcus core that’s meant for utility ships. The original Vesk-favorite dual plasma turrets, being impossible to obtain, let alone fit in this frame, were replaced with low-intensity ion cannons.
    Throughout her troubled history, she was modified for pirate use with beefed-up anti-hacking defenses and EMP emitters.

    Medium Explorer (25HP; Crit 4) – Turn 1 (Pilot +7)
    Core: Arcus Heavy Thrusters: M4 Drift engine: Basic (1X)
    Armor: Mk4 (AC15+2) Defenses: none (TL11+2) Shields: 12 (regen 1)
    Computer: basic Sensors: budget short range (5)
    Crew: 1-6 (Common quarters)
    Bays: Medical bay (dilapidated, works as good guest quarters for 3 creatures) ; Life boats (4 creatures); Escape pods (converted to smuggler compartment)
    Mods: firewall and wipe
    Norikama design: Veskarium stabilizators fins (no random facing change); cramped bays; Fearsome, from a distance (+2 to Taunt checks but the duration is always 1)
    Turreted EMP emitter (Range 5, +6, 2d8 EMP)
    Front light particle (Range 10, +6 1d8)
    Front Heavy Torpedoes (Range 20, Speed 8, +6, 3d8, Homing, Limited 2)
    Aft Flak (Range 5 max, +6, 1d4 Mass; Point +0)
    Crew (+6)
    Captain (taunt then demand; can also gunner); Gunner; Pilot; Science (target thrusters)

    Ringworks LORESEEKER (Tier 2 – DC18)
    An unusal Verces ship maintenance shuttle, discontinued after technological advances.
    Bought and repurposed by the Starfinder Society as a mobile lab to study planetary anomalies and artefacts in quiet areas.
    The Loreseeker remains a fast and nimble ship, though with weak defenses.

    Medium Explorer (25HP; Crit 5) – Turn 1 (Pilot +1)
    Core: Arcus Heavy Thrusters: M10 Drift engine: Aether Basic (1X)
    Armor: Mk2 (AC12) Defenses: Mk2 (TL13) Shields: 16 (regen 2)
    Computer: Mk1 Duonode Sensors: budget medium-range (10)
    Crew: 1-6 (Good quarters)
    Bays: Escape pods (6 creatures); physical Science lab (+2); Tech bay; cargo bay
    Starfinder mod: concealed weapons
    Forward Swarm missile array (Range 10; Speed 14; 2d6; Limited 5, Point -2, Crit 19-20)
    Concealed light Lasers port and starboard (Range 15; 1d4)
    Concealed Coilgun turret (Range 10; 1d6 mass; Recharge)

    Sanjaval SUNRISE MAIDEN (Tier 3 – DC19)
    Produced on Akiton, this light escort is often employed in pairs to run pirate blockades, diverting shield power to one side. It mounts an unusual assymetric plasma cannon and a very light turret that’s meant to repel boarders.
    This unit was modified with dual rec rooms and her computer has developed a personality of her own.

    Medium Explorer (25HP; Crit 6/12/18/24) – Turn 1 (Pilot +1)
    Core: Pulse Red (175) Thrusters: M10 Drift engine: Signal Basic (1X)
    Armor: Mk3 (AC14) Defenses: Mk1 (TL12) Shields: 28 (regen 3)
    Computer: Mk2 Mononode (artificial personality) Sensors: Basic medium-range (+2; Range 10)
    Crew: 1-6 (Good quarters)
    Bays: Escape pods (6 small creatures); Gym rec area (+1 athletics or acrobatics); Holographic Amusement Chamber
    Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems design: Deployable combat wings (+1 Swerve checks); Sturdy; Cramped
    Forward light Plasma cannon (Range 10; 1d12)
    Turreted light Laser (Range 15; 1d4)
    Port and starboard Laser Nets (Range 10 max; 1d4; Point +2)
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