Heroics around Hommlet [RG]
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    Heroics around Hommlet [RG]

    In Character Thread.

    Out of Character Thread.

    Players of my Heroics around Hommlet game can post their characters here.
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    Name: Damien Strikeheart
    Class: Fighter Level 2
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Black

    Str: 17 (+3) (13 Points)
    Dex: 13 (+1) (5 Points)
    Con: 14 (+2) (6 Points)
    Int: 10 (+0) (2 Points)
    Wis: 12 (+1) (4 Points)
    Cha: 10 (+0) (2 Points)

    Hitpoints: 19
    AC: 18 (+5 (Breastplate), +2 (Heavy Steel Shield), +1 (Dex))
    Touch AC: 11
    Flat-Footed: 17
    Initiative: +5


    Fortitude: +5
    Reflex: +1
    Will: +1

    Skills (With AC Penalty)

    Climb: (5 ranks) Total: +2
    Intimidate: (5 ranks) Total: +5
    Jump: (0 ranks) Total: -3
    Ride: (0 ranks) Total: +1
    Swim (5 ranks) Total: -4

    Base Attack: +2
    Grapple Attack: +5

    Longsword - +6 to hit, (1d8+3 damage)
    Longbow - +3 to hit, (1d8 damage)


    Weapon Focus (Longsword)
    Power Attack
    Improved Initiative


    Longsword (4 lb.)
    Heavy Steel Shield (15 lb.)
    Breastplate (30 lb.)
    Backpack (2 lb.)
    Bedroll (5 lb.)
    Flint & Steel (-)
    Waterskin (4 lb.)
    Whetstone (1 lb.)
    Longbow (3 lb.)
    17 Arrows (2.** lb.)

    Total Weight: 66 lb.
    Armor Check Penalty: -6 (-4 Breastplate, -2 Heavy Steel Shield)

    Light Load: 86 lb.
    Medium Load: 87-173 lb.
    Heavy Load: 174-260 lb.


    0 pp
    2 gp
    10 sp
    16 cp

    Party Fund

    0 pp
    5 gp
    5 sp
    2 cp

    Damien's appearance is one that is of clearly, noble birth. He has chin length, straight black hair, with very striking features. His dark hazel eyes pierce those he looks at with a certain cold urgency. He is the Prince of Keoland, resided in Niole Dra. Next in line to rule the Keolands Damien was groomed from a young age to take his rightful place on the throne.

    Much to his parents dismay, Damien was a free spirit. More interested in pursuing his own interests and entertainment than learning how to rule a kingdom. So it was at the age of 21 Damien set out to the north on his own in search of his own path. He was trained at a young age of the ways of the warrior in order to defend himself and one day command his army in battle whenever neccesary and so can hold his own in a fight.

    His families fortune was denied to him because of his choice of actions when he left, but one thing was given to him. A family heirloom, the cloak he wears around himself. The cloak is oversized, and made of black silk with a blood red lining and reaches to the ground. It's clasped at the neck with a brooch of Damien's family insignia, displaying to all his lineage as a prince and heir to the throne.

    It has now been 1 full year since Damien left his home. He has found himself at the gates of the glorious city of Verbobonc. Damien fully expects to find his true calling here. To aspire to a greatness obtained by him, of his own two hands, without having it handed to him by birth. This is where he will finally prove himself more than just a noble's son!
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    Gideon Ravenheart
    Male Halfling Rogue 1st lvl
    Chaotic Neutral

    STR 13/+1 ...pts 8 (15-2 Racial)
    DEX 18/+4 ...pts 10 (16+2 Racial)
    CON 11/+0 ...pts 3
    INT 14/+2 ...pts 6
    WIS 10/+0 ...pts 2
    CHA 11/+0 ...pts 3

    Hit Points 6
    AC 18 [10 base, 3 armor, 4 ability, 1 size], Touch 15, Flat 14
    Init +8 [4 ability, 4 Imp Init]
    BAB +0, Grap -3
    Speed 20 (base 20, load 33.75/37.5, Light)
    Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +1

    +2 Melee, Small Rapier, 1d4+1, 18-20/x2
    +2 Melee, Small Dagger, 1d3+1, 19-20/x2
    +6 Ranged, Small Dagger, 1d3+1, 19-20/x2, 10'r

    Small, 3'1" tall, 35 wt, 23 yrs old
    Dark brown hair, Sapphire Blue eyes, Light skin

    Speaks Common, Halfling, Elven, Gnome

    +3 Bluff (3)
    +8 Disable Device (4 +2 Tools)
    +7 Escape Artist (3)
    +12 Hide (4 +4 Small)
    +5 Listen (3 +2 Racial)
    +10 Move Silently (4 +2 Racial)
    +9 Open Lock (3 +2 tools)
    +6 Search (4)
    +7 Sleight of Hand (3)
    +3 Spot (3)
    +7 Tumble (3)
    +3 Use Magic Device (3)

    -Improved Initiative (+4 to Init)

    Halfling Traits
    +4 To hide [small size]
    +1 Attack [small size]
    +2 To Climb, Jump, Move Silently and Listen
    +1 Bonus to all Saving Throws
    +2 Bonus to Saving Throws against Fear
    +1 Attack with thrown items and slings

    Rogue Abilities
    -Sneak Attack +1d6

    Gideon is from the Sheldomar Valley region of Flanaess, and grew up a perfectly normal halfing child with normal parents. His life, in fact, was so normal, that it was boring. Boring with a capital B. He decided that instead of settling down and taking over his father's business (a fine operation that produces trail rations for adventurers), he was going to go out in the world and find out what this adventuring thing is all about.

    He is quite cheerful, never having experienced true heartache or loss. He wants to be an adventurer because he thinks it will be fun and maybe a little bit profitable. He hasn't seen much besides a caravan ride, and the worst thing that happened there was somebody forgot to bring enough money for a toll. Leading a comfortable, albeit sheltered, life means he really has found out what his limits are or what his fears may be.

    He wears his hair short, and ties a thin cord around his forehead. He wears breaches, shirt and a vest, all colored and patterned in greys to blend into shadows. He also has stout boots, a belt and cloak of stout wool.

    Studded Leather (worn, 10 wt) 25 gp
    Explorer's Outfit (worn, 0 wt)

    Small Rapier (belt left, 1 wt)
    Small Dagger (belt back, .5 wt)
    Small Dagger (boot, .5 wt)
    Belt Pouch (belt back, .125 wt)

    Backpack (center back, .5 wt)

    Waterskin- water (backpack, 1 wt)
    5 Candles (backpack, 0 wt)
    5 Chalk (backpack, 0 wt)
    Flint & Steel (backpack, 0 wt)
    Small Steel Mirror (backpack, .5 wt)
    Masterwork Thieves' Tools (backpack, 2 wt)
    Trail Rations- 5 days (backpack, 1.25 wt)
    Silk Rope 50' (backpack, 5 wt)
    Whetstone (backpack, 1 wt)

    Coins- 25 gp, 3 sp, 8 cp (pouch, .5 wt)

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    Geryn Rhia
    Male Human Cleric 1st lvl
    Neutral Good
    Deity: Pelor

    STR 14/+2
    DEX 10/+0
    CON 12/+1
    INT 12/+1
    WIS 16/+3
    CHA 14/+2

    Hit Points 9
    AC 14 [10 base, 3 armor, 1 Shield]
    Init +0
    BAB +0, Grap +0
    Speed 20 (base 30, load 58.5, Medium)
    Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +7 (+2 base, +3 Wis, +2 Feat)

    +1 Melee, Unarmed, 1d3+2, 20/x2
    +1 Melee, Mace, Heavy, 1d8+2, 20/x2

    Medium, 6'1" tall, 205 wt, 23 yrs old
    Short-cropped black hair, gray-blue eyes, Light skin

    Speaks Common, Celestial

    +3 Concentration (2 ranks)
    +6 Diplomacy (4 ranks)
    +8 Heal (3 ranks +2 healer kit)
    +4 Intimidate (2 ranks)
    +2 Knowledge-History (1 ranks)
    +3 Knowledge-Religion (2 ranks)

    -Extra Turning (four additional turning or rebuking per day)
    - Iron Will (+2 will save)

    Human Traits
    - +4 skill points at 1st level, +1 every level after first

    Cleric Abilities
    -Turn Undead 9/Day
    -Spontaneous Casting
    - Domains: Good and Healing
    - Prepared Spells:
    0-level - Guidance (2), Purify food and drink
    1st-level - Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil (Domain Spell),

    Geryn was born the son of a wealthy merchant, and he spent his youth confident that his simple destiny was to take over the family business. However, his father took to drinking, and in a matter of months the business had failed and the debtors took everything they had. His parents no longer had the means to support him and he was cast out to fend for himself. Without skills or ambition, Geryn was drawn into the church. It was there that he came to find a purpose and a sense of meaning, and took up the calling as a cleric of Pelor.

    Geryn has a forceful personality and a quick temper, but he is also loyal to his friends and compassionate to those in need. He prefers to intimidate rather than fight when possible. He has a fascination with the nature of evil, and is assembling a manuscript with notes on the evil creatures he encounters and his observations of evil in society. He does not drink, and has no patience for drunkards.

    Geryn wears a simple tunic and breeches of dark cloth, with a faded red cloak. He keeps his dark hair very close-cropped. His eyes are grayish-blue. His face is broad, with a well-defined brow. His heavy features and slightly sunken eyes give him the appearance of a simple-minded man, and he sometimes uses that fallacy to his advantage.

    Studded Leather Armor (20 wt)
    Explorer's Outfit (0 wt)
    Backpack (2 wt)
    Pouch, belt

    Heavy Mace (8 wt)
    Shield, Light Steel (6 wt)
    Belt Pouch (belt back, .125 wt)
    Backpack (2 wt)

    Flint and Steel (0 wt)
    Parchment, 20 sheets (0 wt)
    Trail Rations, 3 days (1 wt)
    Waterskin (4 wt)
    Bedroll (5 wt)
    Torches, 3 (1 wt)
    Ink (0 wt)
    Inkpen (0 wt)
    Healers Kit (1 wt)
    Clericĺs Vestments (6 wt)

    Coins: 56 gp, 9 silver, 10 copper

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    Col Whitehill
    Gnome Fighter 1
    AL: CG
    Deity: Garl Glittergold
    STR: 12 [+1]
    DEX: 16 [+3]
    CON: 12 [+1]
    INT: 14 [+2]
    WIS: 12 [+1]
    CHA: 12 [+1]

    AC 17 [10 base, 3 AC, 3 DEX, 1 Size]
    Saves: 3 Fort, 3 Ref, 1 Will
    Bab: +1

    Race Abilites
    +4 To hide [small size]
    +2 To Listen
    May use Speak With Animals, Prestidigion, Ghost Sound, and Dancing Lights 1/day each
    +1 To attacks vs kobolds
    +4 Dodge Bonus vs Giants

    Common, Gnome, Orc, Draconic

    Feats: EWP [Heavy Repeating Crossbow], Rapid Reload [Heavy Repeating Crossbow]

    AC Penalty -1, Included in all skills
    Skills: Climb +4 [4 ranks]
    Jump +4 [4 ranks]
    Intimidate +5 [4 ranks]
    Craft (Weaponsmithing) +6 [4 ranks]
    Spot +1
    Listen +3
    Hide +6
    Move Silently +2

    Heavy Repeating Crossbow ---- 6 LB
    Greataxe ----- 6 LB
    Dagger --- 1/2 lb
    30 Bolts ---- 3 LB
    Studded Leather Armor --- 10 lb
    2 Sun Rods --- 2 lb
    2 Days of Trail Rations --- 2 lb
    Backpack ---- 1/2 lb
    Waterskin ---- 1 lb
    Artisans Kit [Weaponsmithing] --- not carried
    30.5 LB Carried
    32.25 Light Load Carry Max
    20 GP Left

    Greataxe +3 to attack, 1d10+1 dmg, x3 Critical
    Heavy Repeating Crossbow - 1d8 dmg, 19-20/x2 critical, 120ft range, 5 shot clip, move action to reload
    Dagger--- +3 to melle/+5 ranged, 1d3+1 dmg, 19-20/x2 critical, 10 ft range

    Height: 3'8"
    Weight: 48 lb

    Apperance: Standing at the towering height of 3'8" [at least for a gnome], Col always seems to be lost in thought, or talking. His blonde reaches just above his shoulders, and he is clean shaven. His armor is dyed blackish blue, and his arrows are fletched green, with a mahogny wood. The homemade crossbow he carries with him is made from the same wood, and he absently examines it, looking on how to improve it next time. His greataxes handle is made from more of the wood as his crossbow and bolts, and is slung across his back. A dagger is hidden up his right sleeve.

    Personality: When not fighting, thinking of jokes and riddles, or desgining and making new weapons, Col is talking. To himself, to others, or to random objects. Hes generaly fun loving, and loves jokes and riddles. Often spending time to exaime weapons belonging to other people [or formerly living people], he hopes to open his own store. He adventures for the things he finds, and to help out his freinds or other people.

    History: Born to two Gnomish wizards, Col grew up to a more mundane calling. A weapon smith of minor skill, Col found he was quite good with an experimental weapon he made based on a model he acqruied from a Dwarven Cleric. He decided that his small town wasnt going to give him much more then it had, and following in his parents footsteps, he left home. He has started to gained a good deal of skill, and has come to Homlet [assuming we are there], based on rumors he heard.

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    Female Elven Bard lvl 2
    S 14 D 16 C 12 I 14 W 10 Ch 14
    HP 11 F 1 W 3 R 6 Initiative: +3
    AC 17 (Chain shirt + dex)
    Feats: two weapon fighting
    SKills: Perform (singing) 7(5), Bluff 7(5), Listen 6(4), move silently 6(5), Hide 6(5), Diplomacy 7(3), Gather info 5(3), Sense Motive 5(5), Knowledge/History 5(5)
    Attacks: Long sword & short sword: +1(1d8)+2/+1(1d6)+1
    Light crossbow +4(1d8)
    Spells: Dancing lights, daze, know direction, ghost sounds, mage hand, charm person, monster summoning I

    Equipment: chain shirt, long sword, short sword, dagger, light crossbow, capped quiver w/20 bolts, backpack, waterskin (full), signal whistle, 3 days trail rations, empty sack, 6 sp

    Appearence: Raven has long, jet black hair, pulled back through a hole in her helmet. She has bright Green eyes. She stands a little over 5 foot, and her well-muscled frame weighs in at about 115 pounds.

    Born Anastriana Amakiir in the Celene to a young High elf mother and a wild elf father. Her father did not stick around, and her mother was cajoled into being remarried to a wealthy merchant. Anastriana's stepfather was not a kind man. She quickly learned to fear his quick temper, and to sneak out at night before he would come to visit her bed. She left home as soon as she was able, and took comfort at the inn of a nearby town. She fell in with a half-elven bard, Sigorney the swift, and learned the arts of survival from her. Singing came naturally to her, as did other skills based on her beauty. Sigorney had travelled extensively in the Flanese, although she no longer wished to brave the road outside of the safety of Celene. Anastriana, however, had no patience for the elves, who spoke so nobely, yet sometimes acted so vilely in private. Bidding her only friend goodbye, and giving herself the name Raven, Anastriana set out for nearby Verbonc, in search of adventure, power, and knowledge.
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    Raven (background)

    Born Anastriana Amakiir in the Celene to a young High elf mother and a wild elf father. Her father did not stick around, and her mother was cajoled into being remarried to a wealthy merchant. Anastriana's stepfather was not a kind man. She quickly learned to fear his quick temper, and to sneak out at night before he would come to visit her bed. She left home as soon as she was able, and took comfort at the inn of a nearby town. She fell in with a half-elven bard, Sigorney the swift, and learned the arts of survival from her. Singing came naturally to her, as did other skills based on her beauty. Sigorney had travelled extensively in the Flanese, although she no longer wished to brave the road outside of the safety of Celene. Anastriana, however, had no patience for the elves, who spoke so nobely, yet sometimes acted so vilely in private. Bidding her only friend goodbye, and giving herself the name Raven, Anastriana set out for nearby Verbonc, in search of adventure, power, and knowledge.

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    Name: Astatia
    Female Elf Druid 2
    Deity:Corellan Larethian

    Age: 112
    Height: 4' 7"
    Weight: 82lb
    Description: Very slight, muddy blond hair, dark blue/green eyes.

    STR 10 (0)
    DEX 16 (+3)
    CON 12 (+1)
    INT 16 (+3)
    WIS 15 (+2)
    CHA 8 (-1)

    Hit Points 14

    F 4
    R 3
    W 5

    AC: 15 [+2 AC, +3 DEX]

    Initative: +3 (Dex)
    BAB: +1
    Melee: +1 Scimitar 1d6 18/20 x 2
    Ranged: +4 Shortbow 1d6 x3 60ft

    Druid 4 / 3
    Save DCs: 12 + Spell Level.

    Knowledge - Nature 5 / 10
    Spot 2 / 6
    Spellcraft 5 / 8
    Heal 2 / 4
    Handle Animal 5 / 4 (8 on Sashla)
    Concentration 4 / 5
    Survival 5 / 9 (11 Above ground)
    Ride 5 / 10
    Listen 2 / 6
    Search 0 / 2

    Mounted Combat

    Common, Elven, Druidic, Sylvan, Gnone, Draconic

    Racial Features:
    Immunity to Sleep
    Lowlight vision
    Automatic Search Check v secreat/concealed doors

    Class Features:
    Animal Companion (Sashla - Light Horse) (+4 to Handle Animal)
    Wild Empathy (+2 bonus from H/Animal)
    Woodland Stride

    Longsword, Rapier, All Bows, club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, shortspear, sling, and spear.


    Leather Armour +2 AC 15lb
    Shortbow 2lb
    Explorers Outfit 8lb
    20 arrows 3lb
    Scimitar 4lb
    Backpack 2lb (Empty)

    Total carried:34lb (Medium load - backpack is normally dropped or left w/Sashla before combat however, taking her back to Light)

    Bit and Bridle
    Flint & Steel
    20 arrows
    1 days trail rations
    Total load on Sashla:
    82 + 34 + 32 = 148 pounds (Light)

    Loose change:
    3 gold, 9 silver, 5 copper.

    Little more than an adolescent in elven terms, the young woman known as Astatia turned up in Verbobonc having paid her way as a scout / guard for an incoming caravan. Free spirited and chaotic even by elven standards, she has occassionally mentioned about studying the arcane arts but never really seems to find the time, it would also take her away from the outdoors, which is her second true love after Sashla. She takes odd jobs, usually as a scout / escort or healer. She prefers to fight mounted, but Sashla is fairly skittish about that and she has trouble shooting from range so she is only really useful for harassment.
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    Class & Level: Rogue 2
    Race: Half-elf
    Alignment: CN
    Deity: Olidammara
    Size: M
    Age: 23
    Gender: M
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: around 140#
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dark
    Skin: Tanner than usual for a half-elf

    Str: 14 (+2) (6 pts.)
    Dex: 15 (+2) (8 pts.)
    Con: 12 (+1) (4 pts.)
    Int: 14 (+2) (6 pts.)
    Wis: 14 (+2) (6 pts.)
    Cha: 10 (+0) (2 pts.)

    HP: 11 (HD: 2d6+2)
    Speed: 30'
    AC: 10 base + 2 armor + 2 Dex = 14 (Touch: 12; Flat: 12)
    BAB: +1
    Grapple: 1 BAB + 2 Str = +3
    Initiative: +2
    Fort: 0 base + 1 Con = +1
    Ref: 3 base + 2 Dex = +5
    Will: 0 base + 2 Wis = +2

    Melee: Rapier, +2 attack (Str), 1d6 + 2 Str damage, 18-20/x2, piercing
    Ranged: Light xbow, +2 attack (Dex), 1d8 damage, 19-20/x2, piercing, 80' range increment

    Feat: Alertness
    Abilities: Immune to sleep, +2 saving v. enchantments, low-light vision, Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding, Evasion
    Languages: Common, Elven, Halfling, Sylvan
    Light load: up to 58#
    Medium: 59 through 116
    Heavy: 117 through 175

    Diplomacy: 5 ranks + 2 racial = +7
    Disable Device: 5 ranks + 2 ability +2 equip = +9
    Gather Information: 5 ranks + 2 racial = +7
    Knowledge (local): 5 ranks + 2 ability = +7
    Listen: 5 ranks + 1 racial + 2 ability + 2 feat = +10
    Open Lock: 5 ranks + 2 ability +2 equip = +9
    Search: 5 ranks + 1 racial + 2 ability = +8
    Sleight of Hand: 5 ranks + 2 ability = +7
    Spot: 5 ranks + 1 racial + 2 ability + 2 feat = +10
    Tumble: 5 ranks + 2 ability = +7

    Traveler's outfit....................0gp...0#
    Leather armor.....................10gp...15#
    Xbow, light.........................35gp...4#
    Bolts (10)............................1gp...1#
    Blanket, winter......................5sp...3#
    Flint & steel..........................1gp...0#
    Mirror, small steel.................10gp...0.5#
    Rope, silk (50').....................10gp...5#
    Torch x6..............................6cp...6#
    Rations, trail x3...................15sp...3#
    Thieves' tools, masterwork...100gp...2#
    Coins................................5gp, 8sp, 4cp
    TOTALS............................200gp...57.5# (light load)

    Toriah has lived in Verbobonc his entire life. His mother was a human adventurer and his father was a half-elven man she met in the town. The two settled in long enough for Toriah to grow up a bit, but in his thirteenth year they left, following the call of treasure and further adventure. He never saw them again, though he has listened to every bit of gossip that comes in. Some days he wishes they are dead, upset for leaving him, and some days he hopes they are out there still, amassing their fortunes. He has pretty much given up hope that they are going to return to him, but that possibility has crossed his mind once or twice.

    When they left him, he had a decent education and the attractiveness of a half-elf in a mostly human town. However, restless and angry after his parents' departure, he dropped their surname and took to petty thievery. His parents had left him a small inheritance with a neighbor, who was to hold it until he came of age. He spent several weeks with the neighbor, until the disillusionment drove him into the streets, where he commenced his petty larceny. A minor figure in the local Thieves' Guild took Toriah in and taught him a few basic skills. After some time scraping by and paying dues to the Guild, Toriah struck out on his own, leaving the Guild with no hard feelings between them.

    He spent a few years on his own, cheating and swindling the upright citizens of Verbobonc until he received an unsigned message from a friend in the Guild. Leave town, it read. You've well and truly done it now, and you've seriously annoyed Someone Important. I don't know who or how. Insider in the constabulary told me you should have a week, but I wouldn't outstay my welcome if I were you. Toriah was not alarmed, having been in tight places with the law before, but he was smart enough to heed the anonymous message. He returned to the neighbor, who was shocked to see him, having resigned himself to watching the boy--now a man--remain a criminal for the rest of his days. Toriah thanked him for his care and his concern, received what was left of the inheritance (some of it having been used already, for Toriah's care while living with the neighbor, who had been scrupulously good about keeping it), gathered up what belongings he had, buying what he thought he might need, and after three days of preparation, set off from Verbobonc.
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    Name: Kerrax
    Male Human Barbarian 2
    AL: CG
    Deity: none
    Age: 18
    Appearance: He is 5'10'' and 170 lbs. Tanned skin and green eyes. Bald-headed with muscular build. Kerrax can be wild and impatient, but he's also brave and kind-hearted.
    Languages: Common and Draconic.

    STR 16 (+3) [10 pts.] / raging 20 (+5)
    DEX 14 (+2) [6 pts.]
    CON 14 (+2) [6 pts] / raging 18 (+4)
    INT 10 (+0) [2 pts.]
    WIS 10 (+0) [2 pts.]
    CHA 14 (+2) [6 pts.]

    Fort +5 [Base 3, +2 CON] / raging +7
    Ref +2 [Base 0, +2 DEX]
    Will +0 [Base 0, +0 WIS] / raging +2

    HP: 22 / raging 26
    AC 15 [+2 DEX, +3 Studded Leather] / raging AC 13
    Touch AC 12, Flat-footed 15
    Initiative: +2 [+2 DEX]
    BAB +2
    Base movement: 40 feet
    Armor Check Penalty: -1

    +5 melee Grapple/Unarmed, dam 1d3+3 x2 / raging +7 melee, dam 1d3+5
    +5 melee Ranseur, dam 2d4+4 x3 / raging +7 melee, dam 2d4+7
    +5 melee Falchion, dam 2d4+4 18-20 x2 / raging +7 melee, dam 2d4+7
    +5 melee Dagger, dam 1d4+3 19-20 x2 / raging +7 melee, dam 1d4+5
    +4 ranged Javelin, dam 1d6+3 x2 / raging +4 ranged, dam 1d6+5

    Racial abilities:
    One extra skill point per level
    Bonus feat at level 1

    Class features:
    Rage 1/day (lasts 7 rounds)
    Fast movement
    Uncanny dodge

    Climb +8 [5 ranks, +3 STR] / raging +10 (-1 ACP)
    Intimidate +7 [5 ranks, +2 CHA]
    Jump +8 [5 ranks, +3 STR] / raging +10 (-1 ACP)
    Knowledge (arcana) +2 [2 ranks, +0 INT] (cc)
    Survival +4 [4 ranks, +0 WIS]
    Speak language (draconic) [1 rank] (cc)

    Power Attack [1st]
    Combat Reflexes [Human Bonus Feat]

    Traveler's outfit --- 0 lb.
    Studded leather --- 20 lb.
    Ranseur --- 12 lb.
    Falchion --- 8 lb.
    Dagger --- 1 lb.
    3 Javelins --- 6 lb.
    Backpack --- 2 lb.
    Bedroll --- 5 lb.
    Fishhook --- 0 lb.
    2 belt pouches --- 1 lb.
    3 torches --- 3 lb.
    Waterskin --- 4 lb.
    Whetstone --- 1 lb.
    Mug --- 1 lb.
    2 days Trail Rations --- 2 lb.

    Total weight carried 65 lb. (light load)
    Carrying capacity:
    light 76 lb. or less
    medium 77-153 lb.
    heavy 154-230 lb.

    Money: - PP, 61 GP, 7 SP, 3 CP

    Kerrax never knew his real parents and the sorceress, who raised him never told him much about them. She only said they died, when he was still very young and that she as their friend promised to take care of the son. So Kerrax lived much of his young life isolated from civilization in the tutelage of the witch-woman, who told him strange and mysterious tales about arcane secrets and creatures of great power. She seemed to be particularly knowledgeable about dragons. She told also how Kerrax would one day become very powerful and important and how she would teach him to properly use his talents. The boy understood little of this and thought the woman was crazy in addition of sometimes being very cruel.

    The true evil nature of his mentor was revealed to him, when he accidentally overheard a conversation between the witch and a mysterious cloaked man, that came to visit the sorceress. He didn't uderstand all what he heard, but enough to know that the witch was never a friend of his real parents and that she planned to use him for some of her dark schemes. His special heritage was mentioned a couple of times, but Kerrax didn't know what they meant with it. Angered and confused, Kerrax ran away. He knew, where the witch had hidden her valuables, and took some gold with him as he vanished in the night.

    He traveled long and far away from his former home. He knew the money he had taken would not last forever so he spent some of it to buy weapons and armor hoping to find work as a mercenary.

    Kerrax decided to join forces with Jake, a cleric of St. Cuthbert, whose laid-back attitude and sense of humor allowed him to tolerate Kerrax even if he's a holy man. Together the two brave (and not-so-bright) lads set off to hunt goblinoids, because there was a bounty on goblin ears in Verbobonc. Just recently they bumped into a strange group of a prince and two elven women, who are on a mission to investigate a nearby mine, which is said to be occupied by monsters. Kerrax and Jake were asked to join and they happily accepted the offer.
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