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    I like that. It leaves room for the possibility of addressing gender and sexuality, while removing the necessity of dealing with it. Those who want to examine gender inequality in their roleplay have the opportunity to do so, and those who want to escape to a world where those inequalities are negligible can do so as well. I might adopt this for Human societies in my own games.
    Thanks! The things you wrote were mostly my driving points to take this approach. A bit of expanding on the idea:

    Without going too deep into the rabbit hole of gender norms and roles and such in the real world, I generally keep them, just to make the setting more relatable and help with suspension of disbelief and because, at least in the case of humans and similar races, they have causes to exist, cultural and evolutionary both.

    However, as I said, it's a fantasy world. The direct interference of gods and their diversity in society and culture could shift the cultural side of it. Also, magic in general makes physical differences a bit less relevant (although, to point back to the earlier point, most of the population don't have direct access to magic).

    Also, the sheer existence and wide-range acceptance of adventurers (and societies, like the Pathfinders and many other) as a thing suggests a very important factor, IMO: that the population in general is more accustomed to the idea of people very much not conforming to the mainstream norms, than people probably were, for example, during the middle ages. There are just more room for the individual, to take up a lifestyle that isn't associated with their gender, or sex, because society is just seeing more of that, day-to-day, especially in cosmopolitan places, as an example and even idolize succesfull examples. It's just more common, so society, in general isn't as antagonistic toward it, or befuddled about it, though, at a population-level, the mainstream norms still stand. You just have more leeway to move around them, or ignore them altogether, as a person, if you want.

    Personally, I like to take advantage of the fantasy aspect of the game. As with matriarchal drow in Forgotten Realms, it can be fun to play with non-Human peoples having different cultural views on gender and sexuality. Maybe dwarves have very strict gender roles but those roles are very different than what we see in Human society. Maybe elves, with their fluid nature, don’t have a cultural concept of men and women, but have a completely different understanding of identity and how it relates to physiology. Maybe gnolls are even more intensely matriarchal than drow. Maybe gnomes consider experimentation with one’s sexuality, gender identity, and gender presentation not only normal, but expected to a certain degree (I mean, gotta hold off The Bleaching somehow, right?) A fantasy world opens up all sorts of possibilities for looking at sex, gender, and sexuality in different and interesting ways.
    If anyone wants to explore those themes in the game pointedly, I'd agree, those are rather interesting and good examples to take advantage of the fantasy aspect, as you've said. Or, even if not in the focus, they could be rather interesting background parts to flesh out a race, or culture, absolutely!
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