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    I should also mention that there is some good stuff from the OSR that can easily be brought into more modern games. I've been running a Yoon-Suin campaign in 5e for over a year and a half now.
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    I'm a big fan of OD&D, though in never played the original. A few years ago I started exploring the OSR and really fell in love with three games - AS&SH, Swords & Wizardry, and Delving Deeper. They all hot certain buttons for me. AS&SH was so much like the AD&D of my youth, the simplicity of S&W grabbed me with its flexibility, while Delving Deeper (which I don't hear enough about) is an amazing recreation of OD&D. The author, Simon Bull, is easily the most knowledgeable person I've personally spoken with concerning the original edition. DD is like a historical treatise as much as it is a clone.
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    I still play 1e occasionally, and mix in some BECMI (really, B/X).

    I would play B/X (Holmes, Moldvay, or Mentzer), but have no particular desire to go all the way back to OD&D.

    I have read through the OSR/retroclones, but have not played them.
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