Elderwood Academy is one of the several companies that have cropped up to sell gamers nice accessories - these folks specialize in wooden dice boxes, dice rolling trays, and dice towers.

A couple years ago, for X-mas, my wife got me one of their Hex Chests. It is pretty, but one of their early designs in which the magnets that hold the box closed were glued in place. And the magnets are pretty strong - stronger than the glue, it turns out, and they've been ripping themselves out as I open the box, no matter what adhesive I try.

In browsing, I noticed that they'd changed their design a bit - the magnets are now securely screwed in place on their boxes. So, I dropped them a line, and asked them whether, if I paid for shipping and a few dollars for their efforts, they could retrofit my box with the new magnets.

Alas, they told me that they had to change the box configuration slightly, and my old box just can't take the new screws...

... and since they can't fix my box, they are remaking it for me with the new screws, for free!

Which is more than I expected, and pretty awesome, and folks ought to know that these people do decent customer service.