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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobold Stew View Post
    OOC: Kobold Stew wants a decision. If you want something else, just do it, and Stamr will fall in line.
    OOC: I was just commenting on you going for the dome and we had same or more votes for the palace.

    Tai-Tai stops his swim toward the palace at the plant companions tug. Seeing Stamr going toward the dome he shrugs and follows. It is not like he is the man in charge in here. And at least now he has a choice to follow or not. But the surroundings are proven dangerous and he swims behind Stamr looking around carefully.

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    OOC: Cool. Busy this morning, but will get to it soon. Then we can have some fun!

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    OOC: I'm easy. Dome works for me, sure.

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    OOC: Dont really matter to me, as long as were moving there.

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