Golarion update to 2e?
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    Golarion update to 2e?

    Just a curiosity question: Is Paizo planning on "updating" the Golarion Inner Sea Guide to reflect Pathfinder 2? I don't own the setting and have no idea how much Rules-Bound it is. But I figured others may be curious as well.

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    From what I recall them saying, they don't intend to just remake the exact same books again. It sounded to be like they plan to cover the important material, but in different books.

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    I think that they said something about assuming every Adventure path had been run as part of default for 2E. While 1st edition PF had separate rule and settings line 2E is going to be more like Starfinder, with the stuff all together.

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    It hardly seems necessary. I hope that they, instead, eventually do another hardcover beyond the Inner Sea lands...but probably unlikely.

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    I could see an eventual Inner Sea Guide 2e. It's probably not in their current Top Ten to-do list, though. If the fans ask nicely, good things can happen...

    I also can see a PDF-only (and rather thinner) Update to the Guide to the Inner Sea, on the presumption that if you are interested in this you already have the 1e book.

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