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    I watched the Guy Ritche King Arthur Movie this weekend and enjoyed it. Good ideas for locations, The Bell and Pool scene where the baddie shows up as a tentacled multi woman thing, the plane shift for the final battle is cool, lots of great elements, the assassination is a great rpg set up.

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    My knowledge of Chinese/Hong Kong movies is a bit out of date, but back in the day I took inspiration from Swordsman 2, Green Snake, Wing Chun, Bride with White Hair, Ashes of Time, and to a lesser extent New Legend of Shaolin.

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    The Dragon Hunters animated movie (can't really say much about the original series 'cause I only watched one or two episodes) is a real treasure trove to mine ideas from. A bit depressing for a setting, but very evocative nonetheless.

    While it was more of a though experiment than for a real campaign, I designed a setting for D&D merging the shattered world of Dragon Hunters and local spirit gods of Princess Mononoke
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    that sounds great!

    I just finished up Monkey King 3 and its not close to #1 & #2, its actually pretty boring. There is a Monkey King 4 in production now, and a New Detective Dee.

    There was a Chinese Fantasy Film called "Asura" one of the most expensive chinese movies ever made, and it bombed.... bombed really bad. They actually pulled the movie from theaters. Here is a trailer, which to me doesnt look too bad:

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