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    Sesto & Loklafd

    Sesto was drowning, he was sure, but he forced himself to stay calm and prayed to Lathander for the magic to walk on water and up he rose. The whale skeleton had been on top of him, and it rose to the surface as well, coming out of the ice-hole. Frozen flesh was still remaining on its massive tail as it flopped out on the ice next to Loklafd, so the Reghedman took two axes in hand and leapt into action, hacking away. The tail lifted and fell, threatening to flatten him into the ground, and he stumbled aside on his prosthetic leg.

    Sesto was also in danger of being rolled on, but he held his ground, standing on the icy water and he caused his spirit mace to strike the whale hard on its enormous spine, cracking one of the bones and threatening to split the creature in two.

    Lorenn vs Wight2

    Lorenn's board returned to him, and the blade-dancer jumped on it and slid along the icy ledge to the last of the undead men, cutting the creature's head off as his owl scratched at its back. He slid down the hill as the head rolled with him.

    GM: Sesto still crit! The Whale counts as prone now that its out of the water, so advantage cancels disadvantage.
    Stick with me, I've still got Mord to do to end the round.
    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) Whale 4 & 17; Wight2 15 (Destroyed)
    (PCs) None; (NPCs) None

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    Mord & the Mordguard vs the Skeletal Giant

    Mord told his guard to distract the giant skeleton as it lumbered out of the crack in the ice-cliffs. They raised their shields and surrounded it while defending themselves. It swung an oversized axe into one of their shields, and the Mordguard held its ground, but then it lifted its enormous foot, still in a giant's boot, and it stomped the Mordguard into the ground before it could recover. When it stepped away, all that remained of the Mordguard was a flattened mask, tattered cloth, and broken bones.

    Mord saw that Lorenn had beheaded his intended target, so he sent his eldritch force at the giant skeleton that had crushed his minion, scoring a light black scar across the creature's forehead.

    Damage Taken:
    (BGs) Giant Skeleton 6;
    (PCs) None;
    (NPCs) Mordguard2 15 (Smashed)

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    Location: Iceberg Pass Encounter: Wights, Giant Skeleton, & Skeletal Narwhal

    End Round Two; Begin Round Three

    GM: I have Alhana's Round Three actions. 'Gene went early because I took so long to finish the round..(Sorry about that!)
    Party (PCs)

    Name * (Position) * AC * HP * Notes
    Primus (M4) PP19 AC11(16) HP 52/59
    Alhana (E10) PP14* AC17 HP 68/68
    Mord (on Horse) (H19I20) PP11* AC14 HP 39/51
    Lorenn (Y8) PP14* AC17(20)(22) HP 27/54
    Sesto (M9) PP15 AC18* HP 33/59 EXH 1
    Kalorn (AC12) PP15 AC16(21)* HP 63/63 THP 3/15

    Allies (NPCs)

    Eko (AB6) PP13 AC11 HP 1/1
    Loklafd (H11) PP12 AC14 HP 58/58
    Mordguard1 (R9) PP9* AC16* HP 8/13
    Mordguard2 (R11) PP9* AC16* HP 0/13 (Smashed)
    Mordguard3 (T11) PP9* AC16* HP 13/13
    Sooty (xx) PP11** AC12 HP 1/1

    Enemies (BGs)

    *WightBoss (AC13) HP less 82 (Destroyed)
    *Wight1 (V3) HP less 73 (Destroyed)
    *Wight2 (AA7) HP less 54 (Destroyed)
    SkelGiant (S9T10) HP less 6
    SkelWhale (H9M12) HP less 46

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    Mord smiled grimly as he watched his minions distract the giant skeleton. They were doing exactly what he had intended and he was happy to see that only one had been so destroyed. The Wights seemed to be done for already, so he focused his attention on finishing his target. Another pair of energy bolts shot forth.

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    Kalorn smiled savagely as he cleaved the wight in half. He didn't finish the cursing ritual - there was no need, the creature hadn't even penetrated his defenses. He wondered idly if its sword was worth anything, and he surveyed the battlefield. He was in a ... tricky spot. Difficult to move around. It would take too long to reach down. He had to act now... and he could.

    His eyes widened as he saw Mord's bolt of energy. That spell... it was familiar! This was no magic missile or fire bolt... How did Mord know of such magic? Well... perhaps it was time to show his hand as well. Kalorn raised his left hand, which began to crackle with energy, and he pointed at the giant, twice.

    Action: Cast Eldrich Blast:

    Eldrich blast vs giant skeleton: 1D20+7 = [7]+7 = 14
    1D20+7 = [5]+7 = 12

    Damage: Eldrich Blast damage vs giant, if it hits , for two attacks: 1D10 = [10] = 10
    1D10 = [9] = 9

    Two smoky bolts of black energy slammed into the giant, but it wasn't clear if they had connected properly... Kalorn wondered if Mord would recognize the spell.

    Kalorn of Mulmaster, the cursed sell-sword (Fighter(eldrich knight) 3/Warlock(hexblade) 6; alt-human, soldier)
    HP: 63/63, Hit dice: 8/8
    Temp HP: 3
    AC: 16 Temp AC:
    Passive Perception 15
    Saves: Str: +5, Dex: -1, Con: +5, Int: +0 , Wis: +2, Cha: +3
    Warlock slots remaining = 0/2. EK slots remaining = 2/2
    Action surge = 0/1. Second wind = 1/1
    Potions of healing remaining: 6
    Last edited by Ancalagon; Yesterday at 01:34 PM. Reason: error in mininsheet (temp hp)
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