Let's talk about Doomsday Dawn
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    Let's talk about Doomsday Dawn

    Despite all the excitement/furor over PF2e in general, I haven't seen much comment on the Doomsday Dawn playtest adventure.

    Of course I have not had a chance to run it yet, but I did spend much of the day reading through it. First of all, it is an interesting choice for them to basically build an abridged AP as a playtest tool. Even more interesting is how some chapters use "core" PCs while others demand specific styles of PCs intended to exist only for that chapter. I think it should make for a unique and fun experience.

    What are your thoughts on Doomsday Dawn? Are you planning to run it? Have you started or at least have a start date? For my part I will probably start one PF2e is supported on FG.

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    I've started to play it and the DM asked me to read it to help keep an eye on playtest matters.

    I'm aware that it picks up on some lore that two earlier adventures established...

    J1 - Entombed with the Pharaohs
    J4 - The Pact Stone Pyramid

    ... but other than that bit of trivia I'm not sure I can provide much insight. Honestly, I'm not paying that much attention to the plot, so I can't really express much of an opinion about its qualities.
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    Unfortunately, Doomsday Dawn is the reason I made the call not to run the playtest for my home group. I think the format of jumping around between different groups of characters to focus-test specific parts of the game is an interesting idea, but having to make new characters every few sessions is not going to go over very well with my players. Especially because thereís so little time dedicated to any one group before jumping to another. I understand that they want feedback on a wide variety of different characters across all levels of play in a pretty short span of time. But for people who will be brand new to the system, itís a big ask to have them make characters at 1st, 4th, 12th, 14th, and 18th level, each after only having played a couple sessions at the previous tier, not even for long enough to level any of them up naturally.

    Now, Iím a crunch gal. I pick up new rulesets very quickly, so I have no problem making characters at any level in this system. But most of my players donít have that kind of intuitive system mastery. Itís a shame, because upon reading the playtest rules, I felt that one of their strengths was that despite being very crunchy, they didnít look too hard to grasp. The player-facing rules give you just enough complexity so that itís rich but manageable, and slowly adds more as you level up. I think if we could play an organic 1st-20th campaign with a single set of characters, only replacing ones that die, my players would love this system. But if I tell them to make 1st level characters, give them just enough time to start getting a feel for those characters, and then tell them to set those characters aside and make 4th level characters (and then shortly thereafter to make 12th level, etc. etc.), theyíre going to hate it. PF2 looks great game to me so far, but Doomsday Dawn just doesnít give you enough time to enjoy the game between all the rigorous testing.

    All I can hope is that the folks who are able to give the adventure a thorough test can provide Paizo with great feedback so they can really polish these rules and make them shine for the final release. Itís just too bad that the way they are going about testing it would be too alienating to my players for me to be able to contribute to that feedback.

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    I have just prepped the first adventure so far and it is looking good so far. I like the fact that my players will be learning a bit about Golarion as we go as we have not played there before.

    I also like that we will be swapping characters around as it seems like a nice way to both test the new rules and to get a taste of the different options. One of my players had about four character concepts that he was trying to decide between and I am not a hundred percent sure that he will actually go with the Paladin that he decided on.

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