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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnZapp View Post
    So, to summarize, what's your issue (if you still have one)?
    Well, the question remains as to whether the supplied Image button is defective only for me or if others are encountering the issue.

    If it’s just malfunctioning for me, I have no real problem using the workaround. If others are experiencing the same problem, it probably needs fixing.

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    Image button upload:

    Name:  lfaw.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  17.7 KB

    Image button url without local cache:

    Image button url with local cache: Image is too large.

    Looks like a few problems:
    1) Uploaded gifs are not animate. Probably a setting in vBulletin for allowing users to animate images.
    2) Giphy images are, despite the name, not initially presented as gifs. If you follow the link directly in a browser you end up on a page with the image. When you try to save that image , it comes through as a web part that is substantially smaller than the gif equivalent. When presented inside a post, it can be saved as a gif. Which is neat.
    3) Trying to create a local cache exceeds one of the vBulletin settings wrt fie or image size. Which is weird because the uploaded files does not. So perhaps it is something about the giphy wrapper?
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    The Goldblum animates perfectly here on the EN World app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnZapp View Post
    The Goldblum animates perfectly here on the EN World app.
    In my browser, the top copy (uploaded) is still, but the bottom copy (url) is animated. If I open the file locally in the browser, it is animated.

  5. trappedslider - good advice! Sometimes this resolves the problem.

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