5E Help build Horizon walker/hexblade
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    Help build Horizon walker/hexblade

    Hello there I have a concept that I want to make for the next game starting this Saturday. We use standard point buy. He will either be half elf or human.

    Little backstory. He is/was part of an organization that hunts criminals that change planes to avoid capture/justice. On his first mission he is lost in the Astral Sea. While lost and about to die from exposure he is approached by the Raven Queen and given a chance at life in exchange for his memories. This will leave him on a plane that is not his own with no memories and only his skills to his name.

    He will be a ranged bow wielder( yes i understand EB should be better) So level 1 will be ranger 2 will be warlock. I would like opinions on what to do from there. should i just continue with ranger for the rest. should i just go 3 levels of ranger for horizon walker. what are your thoughts on how to build this character?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hmmmh. Interesting concept. Mechanically you won't really get much if anythig out of warlock level 1. I think at level 5 you even suffer from that choice. Even eldritch blast won't help because you don't have agonizing blast.
    At level 6 you have extra attack from ranger so you keep up however and at this point you can increase warlock as much as you like.
    Question is if delaying level 4 and 5 of ranger one more level for interesting invocations could help. Depends on the actual game I guess. Probably increasing dexterity to 18 should be the more powerful choice. Invocations can help you later.

    So my choice of stats would be:

    Str 10
    Dexterity 16
    Con 14
    Int 8
    Wis 14
    Cha 13
    Variant human resilient constitution. You want to keep concentration spells up all the time. You can't affort to lose them because you need your bonus actions to augment your attacks and you need to be in 30ft.

    You need 3 rounds of combat to really buff up with hex or hunter's mark and warlocks curse and planar warrior. But when everything is up you do considerable damage.
    Note that I kept cha as low as possible while I chose to give wisdom a little extra for skills and saving throws.

    So at level 4 you have 16 dex and archery fighting style for +7 to attack. Better than most. Damage is good due to mentioned combo.
    Level 5 gives you 18 dex and better proficiency bonus. +9 to hit and 1 more damage. Not bad. At level 6 you get extra attack like a bard or wizard with that feature. So that seems okish. Your worst problem with that class combo ist bonus action cost and a little worse 5th level. When you reach level 8 however you could go for pact of the blade and devil sight darkness combo and the improved pact weapon invocation. (Probably better than armor of shadows at that point which you could chose at level 2 to retrain it later. Then at level 9 your dex will finally be 20. Your proficiency bonus +4. So you attack at +11. Probably with advantage. The casting of darkness is not a wasted round because you can use that round for warlock's curse.

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